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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: Nature’s Detox

Natures Detox
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Skip the detox in a box, and help your body heal with a simple, natural strategy: intermittent fasting. Natures Detox requires no supplements.

We live in a world bombarded by a myriad of chemical substances that our great grandparents never would have been exposed to, and a while many of these are known to be dangerous for our health, even more have no information whatsoever on their deleterious effects. 

There is one group of chemicals––not man-made––that we do know quite a bit about, however, and we know just how toxic they can be. These are fungal poisons known as mycotoxins, and it is documented that these might contaminate many parts of our food supply. We can also expose ourselves to these poisons via the air we breathe,  taking certain medications like antibiotics, or if you drink alcohol. 

Between mycotoxins, and the man-made toxins we are regularly exposed to, it is a good idea to try to mitigate the damage posed by these poisons. This necessitates mitigating our exposure, yes, but also facilitating the detoxification process in the body. 

To do this, many people opt for any number of detoxification programs or supplements. Some of these might have some merit, most likely do not. When it comes to detoxing, extreme programs are likely not the best answer. Rather, facilitating your body’s natural detoxification processes is likely a better option. One way to do this is through diet and some simple supplementation. 

Switching to The Kaufmann Diet is a good way to lessen mycotoxin exposure through diet. 

But, we also want to remove these and other poisons from our body and mitigate their deleterious effects. There are some simple but effective ways we can do this: 

    • Drink plenty of filtered water. Staying hydrated and helping your kidneys flush toxins out naturally is a good way to facilitate natural detoxification. 
    • Take psyllium hulls. Particularly if you are starting The Kaufmann Diet, this insoluble fiber keeps you regular and helps bind to toxins and help sweep them out of the system, particularly as you begin eliminating pathogenic fungi from the body. (Consult your doctor if you’ve had bowel obstructions or other health concerns.)
    • Add activated charcoal. Charcoal supplements can help bind to toxins in the gut as well, helping sweep them out of the system. 
    • Add plenty of greens, like kale, spinach, Swiss chard; chlorophyl is a natural detoxifying agent. Juicing greens can be beneficial for concentrating their detoxifying effect. 

In addition to diet, however, fasting is proving to be a a powerful detoxification tool. Fasting helps facilitate detoxification by helping initiate one of our body’s powerful “clean-up” tools––autophagy. Autophagy is a process wherein our worn out or damaged cells are eliminated, recycled and materials repurposed based on need within the body. This is an important process and one of the key benefits afforded by fasting. Autophagy has important implications for detoxification, anti-aging, and disease prevention. Ultimately, autophagy might be able to help repair some of the damage caused by constant toxic bombardment.  

Intermittent fasting is beneficial for facilitating autophagy, but extended fasts––above and beyond 48 hours––are thought to really promote this process. This is an advanced strategy, however, and requires some experience with fasting, and likely a doctor’s consultation, particularly if you take medicines. (Please remember too there is no therapeutic benefit to fasting from water––staying hydrated actually becomes even more important while you are fasting.) It is a strategy that might have some profound benefits, however. 

Combined with The Kaufmann Diet, the benefits of autophagy facilitated by fasting can be powerful detoxification tools that promote your health to higher levels. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

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