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The Simplicity Of The Kaufmann Diet

Simplicity of the Kaufmann Diet
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The paradox of choice is the idea that overwhelming variety can make decision making feel like an enormous burden. We live in a time when the abundance of available food options can make deciding what to eat a difficult task. And, to complicate matters, there are so many unhealthy options available; there are cheap fast food restaurants on every corner, convenience store fare readily available, and prepackaged, processed food that makes it too easy to reach for the nearest piece of plastic-wrapped junk food. 

The Kaufmann Diet, of course, eliminates most of these foods. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods like grains, corn, sugar, potatoes, soy, peanuts––all foods that underpin the processed food system that dominates the way most people eat. In lieu of these types of foods are foods like fresh, minimally processed meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, limited dairy, and some fruits. Foods like healthy fats and oils, herbs, and spices are encouraged, as well. 

The Kaufmann Diet is full of simple ingredients and many foods that come straight from the earth––from the farm right to your table. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

When you are on the diet, there will likely be fewer ingredients in your meals, but your meals will likely begin to look different. There will be more colors in the forms of vegetables and fruits, and there likely won’t be any foods on your plate that have unidentifiable origins. (Have you ever seen a snack cake grow on a tree?) 

It is easy to put together a balanced, Kaufmann Diet meal. Pick a protein, like a piece of wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, or pastured chicken breast. Add a vegetable, like steamed broccoli, roasted Brussels sprouts, or sautéed zucchini. Add a salad dressed simply with olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and fresh herbs and spices. 

Breakfast can be as simple as yogurt with fresh berries, or eggs and bacon with a grapefruit. Snacks are as simple as lightly salted almonds, or celery with fresh nut butters. 

People often mistakenly believe that going on a diet is a complex endeavor, when in reality, the Kaufmann Diet really simplifies what you are eating. What is often eliminated is the convenience of the modern food system so many of us are accustom to enjoying. The simplicity of the foods on the diet might mean that you need to take some time to adjust your habits, and perhaps adjust your tastes. But the diet itself is not complex, nor is it difficult to follow. It is simply real foods with real nutrition that promote health in a real way.

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