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Can Cancer Spontaneously Disappear?

Can Cancer Spontaneously Disappear?
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When the cause of a disease has yet to be identified by brilliant people, before too long that disease is said to have “spontaneously initiated.”  Then comes the obvious “spontaneous disappearance” of that disease when the patient is cured sans medical treatments. The prestigious Merck Manual states, “The first step in cancer development is initiation, in which a change in a cell’s genetic material (a mutation) primes the cell to become cancerous. The change in the cell’s genetic material may occur spontaneously as a random event… 

I disagree that any serious diseases, like auto-immune disorders, just happen.  Something provokes a genetic mutation.  That “something” would be invisible to the scientists naked eye and occur without the knowledge of why.  Take fungal poisons (mycotoxins), for example.  These are invisible byproducts of fungi that animals and humans are commonly exposed to. They are known to mutate human DNA.  I have published much information on this.  Cancer has become a multi-billion business in America alone. It seems that it is more profitable to treat the symptoms of a disease than to understand its underlying cause.  We now know that 35 different common human cancers harbor fungus!  And If that doesn’t raise your eyebrow, how about this?   The antifungal toenail treatment drug, Sporanox, has been approved for cancer treatment.

Now comes an article that expounds on how cancer spontaneously disappears (1). Does the cancer disappear, or does the cancer patient immediately change and those changes led to the remission?  It is fascinating to note that over 50% of those diagnosed with cancer change their diets, while 67% begin taking nutritional supplements (2).  I have long contended that THE RIGHT DIET and THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS may have more of an impact than some cancer therapies.  Please if you or a loved one have cancer, think about this;

  1. Antibiotics are fungal mycotoxins
  2. Corn, Wheat and Peanuts are some of the most fungal contaminated food crops
  3. Fungi thrive on carbohydrates, like grains and sugar.
  4. Many of the cleanest homes in America have mold issues.


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1. The Epoch Times: When Cancer Spontaneously Disappears (

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