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Statins, the Darlings of Wall Street

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) used to be referred to as the “darlings of Wall Street,” because women were routinely placed on estrogen and progesterone drugs simply because they were a certain age.  More recently, opioids have been called the “darlings of Wall Street,” because of the wealth they generated. Feeling that drugs must be prescribed has become commonplace in medicine. Statin drugs, for example are purported to be saving tens of millions of American lives, so they are money makers. Doctors are duty bound to prescribe statin drugs to patients whose lipid profile exceeds the industry described “standards.” One trait of statin drugs likely unknown to the medical community is their ability to inhibit and kill fungus (1). I believe that fungal infections cause a rise in blood fats and the reasons statins work is because they kill cholesterol as well as fungus, but I digress.

I have reported, in this article, that antidepressants, called SSRI’s also inhibit fungal growth and that perhaps that is why depressed people become “undepressed” when they are taking them; they kill the fungus that is causing the depression! Yes, fungus can do that! recently reported on a study that taught that Statin drugs can help people with depression.  Of course, this is nothing new for Know The Cause followers. These authors suggest that these statin drugs inhibit inflammation (swelling, to you and me) because inflammation plays a role in depression as well as many other diseases. May I ask, “WHAT MAKES BREAD RISE?” Might that same yeast be causing human inflammation and therefore depression and high cholesterol? That possibility certainly is viable, especially when you have just learned that depression and heart disease can both cause swelling, both antidepressants and statin drugs inhibit fungal growth and  most importantly, if left untreated, fungal infections are free to mobilize and travel throughout the human body, negatively impacting any tissue or organ along the way. Yesterday’s depression is free to become today’s high cholesterol…unless the treating doctor taught you that fungi thrive on carbohydrates, so your diet required changing. Be careful, because cancer might be next!


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