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So, You and Your Pet Are Both Chronically Sick?

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It’s probably not the flu if you and your pet are simultaneously sick. More than likely, your diagnosis and your pets are one in the same. If this is exclusively an indoor pet,  mold is the likely cause. Sure, Radon, EMF’s and a host of other things might be considered, but I teach people to become FUPO (Fungus Until Proven Otherwise) heads and learn to quickly rule out fungus as the cause of their and their pets’ misery.

Fungal diagnoses were rare a short time ago. But recently, according to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), this is rapidly changing. In August 2017, the CDC stated, that if you’re not getting better, “Talk to your doctor about the possibility of a fungal infection.” The fact that physicians learn very little about systemic fungal infections in their training makes this statement both exciting and hopeless for us at the same time, but it’s sure worth a try as doctors are now learning about fungus and mold.

I’d first take my pet to a holistic veterinarian and mention the word “mycotoxin.” Unlike physicians, vets learn this word in their schooling because pet foods can have twice the limit of these fungal poisons in them and from time to time news reports are issued about pet food being contaminated with fungal mycotoxins (poisons). You’ll likely get an antifungal medication for your pet and be asked to change their diets immediately. It is usually the dry pet food that is contaminated with fungus and their poisons, rather than the wet food, but not always.

Once your pet is feeling better, it is time to know that you and your pet are both inhaling from the same, possibly moldy home ducting (HVAC) system. I’d get a petri dish from a home repair or supply store and test your home for mold.

Armed with a pet who is recovering from a veterinarian diagnosed and treated fungal condition and the home Petri dishes now rapidly growing mold, it is time to make an appointment with your doctor and request antifungal medication for yourself. Sometimes these and a changed diet cause a remarkable turn around in your health. In lieu of this, know that safe and inexpensive supplements and an antifungal diet (on my website) may help you, but I will always ask you to check with your doctor first before starting a new diet and supplement regimen, especially if you are under his/her are for a medical condition and are on prescriptive medications.

The Fungus Link To Diabetes

The Fungus Link to Diabetes book

Diabetes affects so many people, yet “management” is often the recommended treatment.  Why do you have Diabetes?  Were you simply dealt a bad genetic hand, or did fungus contribute to it?  This is a must read for patients and doctors alike.  It includes the antifungal program and diets.

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