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Tips on How To Beat The Weight Loss Plateau

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When your weight loss plateaus, try a few of these strategies.

Often, when people go on the Kaufmann Diet, they will begin to lose weight at a significant rate. Often, the pace at which people initially lose weight tapers off to a more sustainable rate. While it is not always as rewarding as watching the pounds fall off quickly, it is a consolation to know that you are on the right track.

Generally, a health rate of weight loss is considered approximately 2 pounds per week. This can vary depending on your diet and exercise regimen, but typically, a sustained rate that is quicker than this pace is not considered healthy. Largely, this is because in order to achieve a faster pace, many dieters resort to extreme and unsustainable methods.

The benefit of sustained, healthy weight loss is that you are training your body to keep weight off for good. Resorting to extreme weight loss measures, such as extreme calorie restriction or overly intense exercise regimen often results in fast and extreme weight loss, but the results simply do not last when people resume their normal habits. In addition, these methods for losing weight are not always healthy, and sometimes they can be dangerous.

The Kaufmann Diet, while not designed exclusively for weight loss, is an excellent tool for healthy weight loss. The Kaufmann Diet includes plenty of vegetables, fruits low in sugar, unprocessed and organic meats, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. When many people switch to this diet for the purpose of eliminating yeast from the body and eliminating foods contaminated with mold poisons, a lot of their health problems resolve; an added benefit is often significant weight loss.

Following the initial dramatic weight loss, and then a period of healthy, sustained weight loss, your progress can plateau, even if you do not make any changes to your diet. If you find that you have hit a wall with your weight loss, there are a few things to try.

Track your calories.

The Kaufmann Diet is not a calorie restrictive diet; often times, dieters can enjoy as much food as they want within reason, provided they are the right foods. Often times, even without tracking calories, dieters will lose weight, often very rapidly at first.

If you have not yet achieved a healthy goal weight, though, and your weight loss has stopped, it might beneficial to keep track of how many calories you are eating. Some people may be eating more than they realize. By keeping the total number of calories per day in check, you may be able to restart your weight loss. This number can vary from person to person, but generally restricting to between 1400 and 1600 calories per day can reignite weight loss.

Try a ketogenic form of the Kaufmann Diet.

One of the benefits of the Kaufmann Diet is that it is highly adaptable. It is perfectly acceptable to eat a version of the Kaufmann Diet that is vegetarian or vegan. One could also eat a version of the Kaufmann Diet that is considered “Paleo”, or Whole30.

Another popular diet, with some interesting research to back it up, is the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet focuses on getting most of your daily calories from fat, eating a sufficient amount of protein, and eliminating virtually all carbohydrates. As a proportion of daily calories, dieters are encouraged to consume 70% of calories from fat, 25% from protein, and 5% of calories from net carbohydrates (total daily carbohydrates in grams minus total fiber in grams).

The focus should be on healthy foods high in fat, such as salmon, avocado, olive oil, nuts, coconuts, etc. Since you are eliminating most carbohydrates, many of the otherwise high fat “fattening foods” people think of are virtually eliminated. Trans fats, obviously should be avoided, but those are virtually absent from the foods encouraged on the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has proven benefits for weight loss, among other benefits. It is very easy to adapt the Kaufmann Diet to function as the ketogenic diet; virtually all foods encouraged on the ketogenic diet are also on the Kaufmann Diet.

Try intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is essentially controlling when you eat. For some, it is fasting one day a week and eating on a normal schedule the rest of the week. For some, it is only eating within a 8-hour window every day. Regardless of how you apply intermittent fasting, a lot of research has shown that it mimics caloric restriction and has benefits for weight loss, among other health benefits.

Add in some smart supplements.

Some supplements––while certainly not being a silver bullet for weight loss––may give you the added edge if you have hit a weight loss plateau. Some of these include L carnetine––an amino acid that ushers fat into the mitochondria of cells for metabolism––and EGCG, an extract of green tea. It is important to remember that these supplements while providing some benefit, do little more than give you an added edge for your weight loss and should never be considered a primary tool for losing weight.

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