What About Cell Phones and Cancer?


If, as I believe, many cancers are caused by fungus, then why are we reading more and more about cell phone induced cancer? Surely cell phones don’t give us fungal infections! I’ve known that cell phone emit radiation and for decades we have known that radiation causes cancer. So, where is the fungus link to cell phone-induced cancer?

• Cell phones can emit static electricity as this You Tube video demonstrates. 

• In addition to radiation, cell phones emit electro-magnetic fields (EMF). In live fungal cells, EMF’s interact with or actually produce electric fields according to a published study (CEPJ, October 2004).

• Pulsing of electric fields causes lysing (disruption of cell membrane leading to cell death) of fungal cells.

• Rupture of pathogenic fungal cell walls spills mycotoxins into the body in the general area of EMF exposure although mycotoxins disseminate via the blood stream. Some mycotoxins are known carcinogens and most suppress immunity.

Last week, a woman claimed that storing her cell phone in her bra actually caused her breast cancer. Several doctors concurred with her. Two weeks ago during a lecture a young woman told me of her brain cancer and asked if I could equate that to fungus. The cancer grew on the right side of her brain and she used her right hand to hold her cell phone.

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