Antibiotic Overuse Dangerous, Says CDC

  John’s Hopkins physician, Sara Cosgrove, M.D., states, “every single hospital in this country should have an antibiotic stewardship program” and then added that such programs, could “save lives and also save money.”  This paper states that doctors in some American hospitals are prescribing three times the number of antibiotics than similar patients in other institutions. 


This, from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)! First, are they admitting that antibiotic overuse is killing people? Dr. Cosgrove did say, “save lives,” didn’t she? Does she or do her colleagues understand that antibiotics are mycotoxins and as such are capable of causing cancer among other diseases? I don’t believe so.

After working in several hospitals in my career, I have been very honest with you about my feelings on being in one; don’t if you don’t absolutely have to. The new bugs that you will encounter are only one of the problems. Another, medical mistakes kill tens of thousands of we Americans annually. The fact that the same hospital physician you may be treated by hasn’t even read, let alone acknowledged this article, yet another problem. I could go on. Simply put, drug companies teach physicians and they like physicians who prescribe…and prescribe…and prescribe. Am I the only one that sees a despicable conflict of interest in doctors and nurses being taught by “for profit” drug companies? With such educational arrangements, do you believe we’ll see under-prescribing in hospitals anytime soon?

I have no dog in this fight, but I will tell you with accuracy that people in hospitals have diseases. Diseases avoid people-young or old-who eat well, exercise regularly, reduce stress in their lives and take necessary supplements. . . Stay well~


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