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Planning Ahead To Stay On Track

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Planning ahead is key to staying on track for any diet.

We’ve all been there. It’s been hours since you’ve eaten. You’re cranky, irritable; little things that normally wouldn’t affect you are driving you crazy. Maybe you’ve been great on your diet so far, but stress and an empty stomach are a bad combination. You pull into the nearest drive through, reach for the closest snack, or gorge on more food than you would have normally eaten. Planning ahead is key.

Judgement goes out the window when you’re really hungry. For many people, this is the number one diet killer – letting yourself get too hungry in the absence of acceptable food. Traditionally, “dieting” encouraged very restrictive amounts of food, which led even to the most disciplined of dieters breaking down and binging.

The Kaufmann 1 Diet encourages eating, not lack of eating. This doesn’t give one carte blanche to eat as much as you want. Portion control is still important. Actually, when you find yourself more nutritionally dense foods, you may find you don’t crave the same portion sizes as you used to. Then again, it is important to think of the Kaufmann 1 Diet as a lifestyle, not merely a diet.

Inherent on the Kaufmann 1 Diet is everything you need to eat to support of a healthy body. Gone are the sugar, the grains, the starches, the alcohol and processed foods that make up a majority of most people’s diets. Instead are lean, preferably organic meats, eggs, nuts, butter, yogurt, vegetables, some fruits and healthy oils. While it sounds restrictive at first, you may come to realize the array of healthy, nutrient-dense foods at your disposal once you get into the diet. We believe that eating this way is medicinal and encourages health and a healthy weight.

Still, in the beginning, hunger is a killer; try planning ahead. Sometimes, Doug may encourage juice fasting or may suggest certain cleanses that limit food intake. However, these take an enormous amount of dedication, focus and fortitude. Instead of starting with a juice fast, transition into the Kaufmann 1 way of eating. And, to help ease that transition try planning ahead. Here are a few suggestions for doing that.

    • Clear your house of tempting foods. Get rid of anything that might allow you to cheat at home.
    • Plan your meals for the week in advance. Shop to make sure you have the ingredients necessary to cook what you plan for.
    • Keep Kaufmann 1 snack food available and visible. Some examples are mixed nuts, sliced green apples, grapefruit, baby carrots, individual, plain yogurts, cooked slices of chicken, or any sort of meat.
    • Carry Kaufmann 1 snack food with you. If you know you’re going to be away from your house all day, make a small lunchbox full of Kaufmann 1-friendly food. At least initially, it is good to avoid restaurants, as it can be difficult to find things appropriate for your diet.

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