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How To Get Started On The Kaufmann Diet

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With the new year well underway, many people are doing their best to cultivate good habits with the intention of making real change for the rest of the year. For most, diet is at the very least a part of these habit changes. After all, science continues to avow that diet is a perhaps the most important component of maintaining good health; therefore, making good dietary choices and making those choices habit is critical to all other health goals.

Perhaps you have been familiar with Know the Cause for some time and you are starting to understand the profound impact fungi and their mycotoxins can have on health. You have also learned that dietary changes that limit exposure to mycotoxins and limit foods that could potentially feed a pathogenic fungal infection may be the best way to support your own health and well-being. However, you have not quite made the leap to eating on the Kaufmann Diet.

Changing your diet is one of the most difficult things one can do; below are some tips to help you get started on the Kaufmann Diet.

Pick A Day

January 1st is quite possibly the worst day anyone could choose to make a full 180 degree turn around with their life habits. Notwithstanding the fact that many people are fighting a hangover, most have spent the previous 6 weeks overindulging. Suddenly trying to change every life habit results in many giving up on change fairly quickly.

This year, maybe forget the January 1st New Year’s resolution, particularly if you have repeatedly tried and failed year after year. Instead, allow yourself to return to a normal routine. Then, pick your day to start.

Plan Ahead

Most people have a generally good idea about what their weekly schedules are. For instance, you know if and when you have time to make breakfast in the morning, or if you generally bring your lunch to work or on what nights you can cook for yourself and your family. Tailor your diet according to your schedule. For many, this can mean cooking in bulk on weekends. For many, it means planning meals in advance, or regularly visiting a grocery store. When beginning a diet, it is important to take into account all parts of your schedule.

Planning ahead can also mean being prepared for cravings. If you know that every afternoon you get hungry and reach for the closest possible piece of junk food, be prepared with snacks that fit within your dietary framework. This, itself, can go a long way towards keeping you on track.


What To Exclude

On the Kaufmann Diet, many of the foods people eat on a daily basis are excluded. Among these foods are breads, pasta, potatoes and anything with added sugar. Anything high in carbohydrates should be generally avoided. On the Kaufmann Diet, we ask that you exclude anything made with grains (including and especially corn), sugar (or containing added sugar), potatoes, most dairy (except plain yogurt), the majority of fruits (particularly fruits containing high amounts of sugar), alcohol and anything made with or containing yeast or fungi (including mushrooms). It is often a good idea to remove any foods in the house that do not conform to your diet in advance of starting to limit temptation.

What To Include

You are encouraged to enjoy copious amounts of vegetables, greens, lean protein (including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish, etc., preferably organic, grass-fed or wild-caught), eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats like olive oil and certain kinds of fruits (including avocados, lemons, limes, grapefruits, berries, green apples, tomatoes––anything of the “less sweet” variety).

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