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5 Habits That Steal Your Energy

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Why Do I Have No Energy? It is no secret that in today’s world, most people are overworked, overstressed, overcommitted and overstimulated. This, naturally, takes a toll on all of us. It is unremarkable that many people feel like they do not have enough energy. There are any number of medical conditions that can make you feel like you have no energy, including thyroid problems, diabetes, heart problems or even diagnosed clinical depression. But for many of us, these are not the cause of our lack of energy. For many that leave the doctor’s office, they are still left to wonder why they feel like they have a hard time getting through the day.

So what is it that is causing you to feel sapped of all your energy?

Many people do not assume they are under as much stress as they are, but even little things like driving on a highway or constantly being on a deadline––the culmination of all the little stressors in life––are enough to keep your cortisol levels high. All this stress adds up and it can suck your energy. Learning to mitigate stress is an important part of staying healthy; stress is linked to a variety of degenerative health problems. Check out our Tips on How To Mitigate Stress.

Move It To Keep Moving
Sedentary lifestyle is associated with many health problems; while it is true that exercise require exertion, it also keeps your metabolism high. Ironically, those who exercise wind up having more energy than those who are sedentary. There are a legion of health benefits associated with exercise; carving out time to exercise is a key component of good health, not just in the long, but for the sake of feeling energized on a day to day basis.

Hyper–Caffeination Nation – Do You Need That Venti?
With a coffee shop on every corner, and highly caffeinated beverages stocked on shelves in every grocery shop and convenience store, we would have a hard time convincing ourselves we do not have a societal caffeine addiction as a society. Likely, this is in part due to our feelings of being drained, but perhaps what we are doing is perpetuating a vicious cycle. Caffeine is a stimulant that can make you feel like you have energy for a period of time… then you crash. Furthermore, over-consumption of caffeine can cause what many refer to as adrenal fatigue. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include fatigue, difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep, weight gain and mental fogginess.Caffeine in moderation has associated health benefits, but it may be time to break the habit.

A Secret Toxin… In Your Diet?
Poor diet and overconsumption of sugar and processed foods are known to cause lethargy, but is there something else in your diet that is perhaps to blame? Mold toxins that contaminate many parts of our food supply, including grains, corn, peanuts and soy, can cause a variety of health problems. Given the prevalence of these foods throughout our vast food system, if you are eating processed foods or the standard American diet, it is very likely you are exposing yourself to mold toxins. For more information on how mold toxins can affect you, click here

Did You Get a Good Night’s Sleep?
Sleep is vital to feeling energized, but there is such a thing as good and bad sleep. Many people do not sleep enough, or have trouble getting to sleep; if you are struggling to feel energized, it may be time to fix your sleep habits.


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