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Why Do I Have No Energy?

No Energy
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One of the most common complaints many people have is feeling like they have no energy. Many people seem to feel tired all the time, experience a general sense of malaise, and feel unmotivated to even get through the day’s basic tasks. Feeling like this does have real implications for people’s quality of life; when you do not feel like getting even basic, necessary tasks done, it is hard to find the motivation to do things like exercise or cook your own meals––things that facilitate healthy living and vitality. 

So why do we all have no energy? In today’s fast-paced world, a number of factors could be working to suck all of your energy:

You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

This seems like a no-brainer––if you don’t sleep, you’re going to be tired. Yet many of us do not prioritize sleep. Many will scroll through our phone or look at a screen late into the evening when we should be sleeping. Quality of sleep matters in this regard too; if you sleep restlessly or wake up many times throughout the night, you aren’t getting the quality of sleep your body really needs. If you are going to have abundant energy, sleep simply must become your priority. 

You Aren’t Exercising

This is counterintuitive, because exercise seemingly would expend more energy than it creates. But people who exercise typically enjoy heightened energy levels throughout the day. The opposite is true as well; people who are sedentary typically have less energy throughout the day. Sometimes, getting into an exercise routine is all about momentum––the hardest part is to get going. Once you do, you will likely want to continue since you have so much more energy throughout the day. 

You Have an Underlying Fungal Infection

One of the hallmarks of underlying yeast or fungal problems is a general feeling of malaise––lack of energy, feeling almost sick on a regular basis. If you have zero energy levels, it may be time to start an anti-fungal program, such as the Kaufmann Diet, which works to starve yeast and fungi in the body. You might find your low energy disappears as you start to starve yeast and fungi in the body. 

You Aren’t Eating a Good Diet

Poor diet can influence energy levels––if you are eating a diet heavy in processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats, it should come as no surprise that you do not experience abundant energy and vitality. Diet can also feed an underlying fungal problem, exacerbating that problem and creating all kinds of downstream health problems. It may be time to clean your diet up if you have no energy, and The Kaufmann Diet is a great place to start. 

You Are Too Stressed Out

Stress can sap your energy, particularly if you are constantly in a state of being stressed out. Managing stress is an important part of healthy lifestyle, and science continues to affirm that this area of our health cannot be overlooked. Managing, mitigating, and reducing stress levels is key to not only maintaining healthy energy levels, but overall health. 


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