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Kaufmann 1 vs Kaufmann 2

Kaufmann 1 vs Kaufmann 2
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If you have been on The Kaufmann One Diet for a while, it is very likely that your tastes have changed. Many people experience intense cravings for foods they have always enjoyed when they begin the program, but this might be a sign that the diet is working. 

The Kaufmann Diet is designed to eliminate pathogenic yeasts and fungi in the body, which can parasitically live inside us. As parasites, it is thought that these organisms can manipulate their hosts tastes to meet their needs, which is a constant supply of sugar, and starchy carbohydrates––yeast’s foods of choice. As you begin to eliminate those organisms, you will find your cravings for certain foods begin to diminish. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

After a period of time on the diet, if you have found relief from symptoms that have plagued you for years, you can choose to continue on The Kaufmann One Diet, or you can choose to include more foods in your diet. While the Kaufmann One Diet is an excellent dietary platform that can be followed indefinitely, some may wish to include a broader spectrum of foods in their diet, which can bring some benefits. 

Some of the foods eliminated on Kaufmann One might raise some eyebrows; foods like sweet potatoes, beans, fruits, and oats––these foods are though to be healthy and are packed with vitamins and minerals. This is true, but they are also rich in natural sugars and carbohydrates. Initially, when on an anti-fungal diet, it may be best to eliminate even these healthy foods in the interest of starving fungi and yeasts. 

But if your symptoms have subsided, or if you have lost unwanted weight, incorporating some of the foods allowed on Kaufmann Two in moderation might be a welcome change of pace in addition to adding more nutrition into your diet. It is important to note that many of the strictest rules of Kaufmann One remain. No corn or products made with corn ingredients. No sugar. Wheat and other grains should be avoided. Avoid potatoes and foods like peanuts and pistachios which are known to be contaminated with mycotoxins.  On Kaufmann Two, you can enjoy:

    • Honey, in moderation 
    • Maple syrup, also in moderation
    • Legumes, like beans, peas, etc. (Peanuts are still excluded as they are often contaminated with mycotoxins)
    • More fruits, but be mindful of the sweeter varieties like pineapple, bananas, and melons. Avoid dried fruits.
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Oats and rice. 
    • Flour tortillas (No breads made with yeast)
    • Coffee, in moderation. 
    • Hard cheeses like Swiss, cheddar or parmesan. Avoid cheeses with mold. 

Kaufmann Diet Guide

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