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Why The Diet Is Key

diet Is Key
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Diet is key and the most important part of the anti-fungal program. In health, we are all looking for a silver bullet that will elevate our health, diminish any health problems we have, or generally act as a panacea or cure-all. Every so often, this or that miracle cure or pill or supplement or berry will emerge, promising astounding results in virtually no time at all. Most of these are easy to see through, but we can all understand the desire for a quick fix, and there is no shortage of purveyors willing to sell an easy solution for big problems. Most of the times, the efficacy of such remedies does not live up to the hype. 

Even those who learn about The Kaufmann Anti-fungal plan bring some of this paradigm with them. “Which supplements should I take,” is often the first question someone might ask. Supplements can be very beneficial, but supplements alone are not going to rid your body of parasitic yeast or fungi, particularly if your problems are more severe. Supplements are a great part of a unilateral approach, and there is nothing wrong with products that are used to elevate our health. But there is one key element of the program that must be followed in order for the anti-fungal program to work: The diet. 

For the anti-fungal program, there is no substituting The Kaufmann Diet. Nothing will come close to being as effective as consistency with following the diet over an extended period of time. This does not mean you won’t see and feel results rather quickly, even if they do not happen overnight. But consistently following the diet over a period of time is the most effective way to get results on the anti-fungal program. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

The diet eliminates the foods that fungi crave for their survival. Fungi crave sugar, and simple carbohydrates that convert into sugar. So the Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods that are high in carbohydrates, essentially starving fungi. These include foods containing wheat, sugar, corn, and potatoes. Naturally, many foods like breads, pasta, and the processed/prepackaged fare that so many people rely on for nourishment are eliminated. 

The diet also eliminates foods which are known to be contaminated with fungi and their poisons. These include foods like corn, peanuts, pistachios, soy, in addition to any foods made with yeast (such as breads, alcohol, kombucha), or mushrooms themselves. This is one way that fungi can gain access to our bodies––through contaminated foods. The other problem with these type of foods is the potential for them to be contaminated with mycotoxins, which are mold poisons. These poisons are documented as having serious, deleterious effects on our health. Unfortunately, there is evidence that these poisons are found frequently in the above mentioned foods; the constant, low level exposure we get when we regularly consume these foods might have profound, longterm consequences. 

Without addressing both fungi’s need for carbs and sugar, and without addressing the fungal/mycotoxin contamination of foods, a potential fungal problem in the body likely won’t get resolved, no matter what other measures are taken. This is why the diet remains the cornerstone of the the anti-fungal program. 

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