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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

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So said a 1974 television ad promoting the use of Chiffon Margarine over real butter.  Chiffon sold very well then, but were the assertions that margarine was better than butter accurate? Subverting mother nature isn’t new to allopathic medicine. They have been subverting mother nature with pharmaceutical drugs for over a century and often save lives because of it.  Drugs provide relief because their prescribers aren’t aware of the role that diet, for example, may play in the patient’s illness. Pharmaceutical drugs work by inhibiting or blocking a natural (Mother Nature) physiological pathway in our bodies.  They “block” acid formation in the stomach or “inhibit” serotonin uptake in the brain; both natural God given (oops, I mean mother nature given) pathways.

Now comes a study from MEDPAGE Today that a new drug, developed specifically to inhibit Interleukin 17 (IL-17 inhibitor), is able to help people with Psoriatic Arthritis.  As one who was able to install an antifungal protocol into medical offices in Dallas in the 1980’s, this new information lags far behind what we learned then, but at least they are on the right track.

And why might IL-17 inhibitors help psoriatic arthritis patients?  Another medical study confirmed that mycotoxins, in this case, antibiotics, impaired the antifungal property of IL-17 and lead to an increase susceptibility to fungal infections!  Of course, we’ve known for 70 years that antibiotics do that. This paper suggests that antifungal drugs might be required when taking antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance.  It didn’t mention the use of probiotics after each round of antibiotics.

So, IL-17 has antifungal properties (1) and it is my belief that this is the exact reason IL-17 inhibitors are working for psoriatic arthritis.  I believe that mycotic (fungal) psoriasis and mycotic arthritis exist, and that they are not rare.

We didn’t have these new drugs 40 years ago. Instead, in our clinics, we used either prescriptive antifungals and an antifungal diet, or natural antifungals from health food stores, and an antifungal diet.

One among other negative aspects of blocking or inhibiting natural pathways with prescription drugs, is the total denial of dietary intervention as being therapeutic, yet it is in all systemic fungal conditions.  While fungi thrive with a high carb diet, these new pills will be erasing the symptoms of the underlying fungal disease, but only if the patients continue paying for and swallowing them and continue paying the doctor for prescribing them.


1: Interleukin-17 in Antifungal Immunity – PubMed (

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