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Using AI to Block, Disrupt or Inhibit

Using AI to Block, Disrupt or Inhibit
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If I didn’t find the need to be facetious, I’d say, “what a great idea!” Having already figured out that many pharmaceutical drugs block, disrupt, inhibit, or otherwise bypass normal physiological pathways within our bodies, now researchers have identified “hundreds of COVID-19 drug candidates” by using artificial intelligence (1 ).

Although I’m still lost as to the cause of COVID-19, I do know one thing with scientific certainty; the older we get, the closer to death we become.

Statistics show that about 93% of the COVID-19 deaths that have occurred in America in 2020 were in people who over 55 years old. As tragic as any death is, that one statistic should surprise no one. (2).

When all you own is a hammer, the entire world looks like a nail to you. I believe we already have a product that enhances the human immune system and science agrees with me. No, it doesn’t chemically block, disrupt, or inhibit normal body pathways, rather it arms our immune cells. Since it can’t be patented by pharmaceutical companies, Beta Glucan should be studied by everyone as though our lives depend upon it.



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2. American Council on Science and Health:

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