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Is grass fed whey protein isolate the same thing as milk?

Grass Fed Protein vs Real Milk
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Generally speaking, for optimal results, conventional cows milk ought to be avoided when embarking on the Kaufmann antifungal or #Keto diet and here’s why: Conventional milk is not a health food because it may contain high levels of sugar in the form of lactose/galactose (milk sugar), fat, antibiotics, pesticides, aflatoxins, dioxins, and synthetic hormones such as (rBGH) recombinant bovine growth hormone and (rBST), any and all of which can negatively impact health and therefore should be avoided.

However, in contrast to milk, grass-fed clean whey protein that is originally derived from milk is considered a super food and here’s why: Clean grass-fed Whey protein isolate that is properly extracted and isolated into pure amino acids is far different than regular milk. Whey protein literally represents a tiny fraction (only .6 %) of cows milk. Even though whey protein only makes up less than 1% of cows milk, pure whey protein can have a largely beneficial impact on health. Whey protein isolate is not milk. It is enzymatically separated from the protein in milk and extracted from milk using sophisticated ultrafiltration technology to remove all the fat, lactose, curds and all other milk constituents and it is then spray dried into an ultra-fine powder.

This is how grass-fed, cold pressed whey protein goes from a tiny minuscule component of milk to a highly bioactive nutritious superfood. The end result is fine powder that is high in pure natural protein amino acids with all 9 essential amino acids including cysteine, glycine and glutamate that act as a precursor (prepares the body) for glutathione production (the most powerful antioxidant) and all 3 critically important BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) completely free of carbs, fat, lactose, sugar, gluten, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, zeranol, in both natural and synthetic forms, artificial ingredients or modified organisms.

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Whey protein is the single most well researched dietary supplement in all of nutrition with decades of research and thousands of published studies to validate the efficacy of its profound health benefits on human health including building lean muscle tissue, increase strength, burn fat, appetite control, blood sugar stabilization, energy, elevates glutathione production, boosts immunity, and improves heart health just to name a few of the many health benefits.

In closing, unless your healthcare provider specifically requests the inclusion of regular conventional Whole or Skim milk as a food component should generally be avoided for optimal health.  But high quality, cold pressed, grass-fed whey protein isolate, derived from very pure milk should most definitely be considered for best results when adhering to a Keto diet. This is exactly what the original developers of the Ketogenic diet did, but it is very Difficult to do today because pure whey protein isolates in combination with the proper fats would make a product very clean exactly like the original keto diet, but also very expensive.

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