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Odd Symptoms, Think Fungus!

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Sometimes, It Is Beneficial To Consider Fungus First

Most people immediately run to a doctor the moment they experience any sort of odd symptoms, and in many cases, this is likely the right thing to do. Particularly in cases of emergency, American physicians are trained to provide often life-saving care.

What about in cases that are not necessarily emergencies though? What about in cases where you may be experiencing one or more seemingly odd symptoms? These could be things like gut problems, or skin problems, or perhaps brain fog, malaise or low energy. They could be problems like allergies (when you’ve never previously had problems with allergies), chronic pain or headaches.

Normally, for one or many of these symptoms, our first inclination is to run to a doctor, often seeking some sort of prescription to ease our discomfort.

But what does this really solve? Drugs might be very good at easing pain for 4-6 hours at a time or easing uncomfortable symptoms.

but do they really get to the root of what your problem is?

Does your doctor even know what your problem really is? Perhaps he has name for it, perhaps he has a prescription for it, but often, your doctor will tell you that he just does not know what is actually causing your problem. “These things happen,” is about the best explanation you will get, and all he can do is write you a prescription or order more tests. This is not to speak ill of physicians; this, however, is what their training enables them to do. While doctors are often great at giving your problems a name and writing prescriptions for those problem, they are taught very little about some things that may be the root cause behind your problems to begin with.

Kaufmann Diet Guide

Physicians learn very little about yeast and fungus and the effects these organisms (and their poisons) can have on human health. When yeast and/or fungi overgrow in the body, they can wreak havoc on health and cause a wide variety of symptoms ranging from annoying to life-threatening.

Often these problems associated with yeast and fungi are difficult to diagnose.

Fortunately, if yeast and fungi are causing your problems, there is often a simple way to find out. The Kaufmann Diet is designed to starve pathogenic yeasts and fungi in the body while eliminating foods that are often contaminated with mold and their poisons.This diet combined with a simple anti-fungal supplement strategy (such as oregano oil, olive leaf extract, caprylic acid, etc.) can be very effective at eliminating yeast from the body.

Doug Kaufmann encourages people to try the anti-fungal diet for around 4-6 weeks. Many initially feel worse––a reaction called a Herxheimer reaction, or die-off reaction. This is a sign that what you are doing might be working! Often, after a few days, the reaction subsides and dieters begin to feel much better. Many find relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. Many lose weight, feel more energy and experience a higher level of health.

If you are experiencing health problems that have been difficult to diagnose or treat, talk to your doctor about beginning the Anti-fungal diet and an Anti-fungal supplement regimen. The results you get might be life changing!

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