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I Want To Lose Weight. What Results Can I Expect?

What To Expect
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We live in a world that is rife with claims about how to lose weight, how to lose it quickly, and how to keep it off. Many of these are sensational, and some are downright dangerous. Many people who wish to lose weight, whether it is 10 or 100 pounds or more, are often desperate to find solutions that will enable them to shed pounds. And there are no shortage of predatory actors who would lure those desperate people in with promises of effortless, overnight results. 

By now, we should all know better than to expect to lose 50 pounds in a month. And we should all know that relying on supplements or pills––in addition to sometimes being dangerous––is likely never a good longterm solution for weight loss. And drastic diets always seem to fail, because most people never maintain them over the long run, even if they do initially work. Invariably the weight creeps back on. 

If you are trying to lose weight, maybe it is time to change your goals and your expectations. 

Losing weight is a seemingly simple thing to do. If you eat fewer calories than you burn in a day, ostensibly you will lose weight. This is certainly true to an extent, but we have learned in recent years that this is an incomplete picture and that variables like what you eat––not just how much––can be an important factor in weight loss too. In fact, for many people who find The Kaufman Diet, this seems to be the part they have been missing all along. 

weight-loss-smallThe Kaufmann Diet focuses on what you eat, not how much. How much you eat is never even considered on the diet. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates and foods that might be contaminated with fungal poisons. The Kaufmann Diet is intended to be an anti-fungal diet, but one of the downstream effects is that people who go on the diet often lose weight easily. Initially, this weight loss can be rapid, but over time it slows to a reasonable pace, depending on what and how much weight you have to lose. But when people stick to the diet, often they are surprised at how quickly and easily they seem to shed pounds. 

Like many other diets, The Kaufmann Diet is a low-carb diet, which are associated with weight loss, but the one key difference is that The Kaufmann Diet address the possibility that yeasts and fungi may be playing a role in your health problems and tailors the diet accordingly. This is likely more common than many people believe, and one of the problems associated with yeast overgrowth is unwanted weight. It seems that when the yeast problem gets addressed, people tend to lose weight more easily. 

The other aspect of the diet that makes it beneficial for sustained, healthy weight loss is that The Kaufmann Diet is designed to be followed indefinitely; in fact, you are encouraged to think of it more like a lifestyle than a short term diet. This is because the threat of fungal exposures never really goes away, and dietary measures can act as a good safe guard against fungi and their poisons. Many people who switch to The Kaufmann Diet often feel so good that staying on the diet simply makes sense for them. 

If you have tried many different ways of losing weight, The Kaufmann Diet may be the thing you have been missing all along. 

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