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Is A Raw Food Diet Necessary?

Raw Food Diet
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Raw food diets have captured the attention of many people; certainly, the colorful array of plant foods make for a great social media aesthetic. People who follow raw food diets often tout the benefits associated with consuming only raw foods, but do these benefits really stack up in real life? Is it really necessary to only consume raw foods in order to be healthy? And, is it possible to only consume raw foods and stay on The Kaufmann Diet? 

The Benefits Of Raw Foods

Certainly, there is plenty of merit to consuming raw foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These foods are where you will find an abundance of nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, and an array of phytonutrients. This is also where you will get an abundance of fiber in your diet. These are all beneficial things!

It is worth noting, however, that simply because a food is raw, that does not make it acceptable for The Kaufmann Diet. Most fruits can be consumed raw; many of them are still excluded on The Kaufmann Diet due to the high sugar content. These include foods like red apples, melons, pineapple, bananas––all the sweeter varieties of fruits. 

Raw foods are not limited just to plant foods though; plenty of people consume raw meat and fish. If you enjoy sushi or raw oysters, you’re enjoying raw foods, or at least foods that have not been prepared with heat. And while you may not eat steak tartare regularly (accompanied with raw egg yolks, of course),if you enjoy a rare steak, you are certainly eating raw meat. Notwithstanding the flavor (which many people certainly enjoy), raw meats can provide some health benefit, such as the omega 3s in sushi and forgoing the carcinogen-rich char that would otherwise accompany a well-done cooked steak. 

What Are The Risks?

Certainly, when consuming raw eggs, meat, fish, or even dairy, there is some risk of bacterial contamination. While many raw food enthusiasts do enjoy these types of foods, they are not advised for people with immune system problems, or for people who are pregnant or nursing. Particularly, if you are not used to preparing these foods, it is important to educate yourself before making them or even trying them for yourself. The source also matters when consuming raw animal products. Talk to your doctor before switching to any form of raw meat, dairy, or eggs. 

Certainly, there is less risk with consuming raw fruits and vegetables. However, you should always make sure that if you are enjoying raw fruits and vegetables that they are clean, washed, and free of any sort of mold contamination of blemishes. 

Certain vegetables, like potatoes for instance, must be cooked to be eaten. You should not automatically assume that any plant food should be eaten raw. And remember that any food not on the Kaufmann Diet is still not permitted, even if it is raw. 

Is A Raw Food Diet Necessary?

Can you consume a raw diet and still be on The Kaufmann Diet? Of course. There plenty of foods you can consume raw and still stay within the bounds of the Kaufmann Diet. As a benefit, you will likely consume a wide array of enzymes and nutrients. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. The point of the Kaufmann Diet is to eliminate yeast and fungi and the mycotoxins that commonly contaminate many parts of our food supply. Eliminating sugar, carbohydrates, grains, and certain other foods is more important than whether your food is cooked or not necessarily. Often times, many people who follow the diet experience a higher level of health, whether the majority of their diet is raw or not.

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