I keep losing weight; what should I do? Should I try the diet?

  Weight stabilizes when proper diet is adhered to. Of course, the problems are in defining what the words “proper diet” really mean! For centuries, man has eaten foods that satisfy either his cravings or his appetite; these two are quite different. 

  Satisfying your appetite prevents starvation, while satisfying cravings has more to do with dietary addictions.

It is interesting how many people have approached me in the past 10 years with weight loss as their problem. They eat and become satiated quickly, and therefore, simply do not gain weight. An interesting research paper published in Toxicology Science in 2012 showed that the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON), actually caused anorexia in lab animals. Further, Toxicology Letters published just a few months ago that oral exposure to DON caused decreased food intake, reduced weight and weight loss in experimental animals. We are all exposed to DON daily in our grain supply.

If you are losing weight, my suggestion would be precisely what it would be if you are 200 pounds overweight. Stop eating grains. If DON is in your cereal, toast and bagels, and is causing your weight loss, within 45 days you should begin to notice great results.


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