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Top 5 Reasons To Try The Kaufmann Diet

5 reasons to try Kaufmann Diet
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There are plenty of good reasons to want to change your diet. Science has continued to affirm that much of the health we do or do not enjoy is attributable to the kinds of foods we eat on a regular basis. In a large way, our diet controls how we feel on a day to day basis; it influences our weight, our energy levels, and all kinds of important health metrics. Any motivation you might have for improving your diet––whether you want to lose weight, feel better, or improve your lab results at your next yearly check up––is a good enough reason to change the way you eat and start getting the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

There are a lot of reasons people want to try The Kaufmann Diet. Specifically, the Kaufmann Diet is among the only ways of eating designed specifically to protect against pathogenic fungi and yeasts while also getting rid of foods which might be contaminated with mold poisons in the diet; these include many foods that people eat every day, such as grains, corn, peanuts and other foods. 

Fungi and their poisons are known to cause problems in humans, and often times an anti-fungal diet can work wonders in people who stick to the regimen for a month or two.

If you have been on the fence about trying The Kaufmann Diet, here are 5 good reasons to give it a try. 

1. You Have Tried Other Diets With Mixed Results

Many people have tried diet plan after diet plan; often, they afford some short lived benefit while failing to actually achieve any long lasting results for health, wellness, or relief from health problems. Many of these diets are exceedingly strict or difficult to follow. The Kaufmann Diet, however, is designed as a long-term lifestyle which focuses on a wide variety of health-promoting foods which can be followed long-term, facilitating long-term results. 

2. You Have Health Problems Which Have Eluded Diagnosis

Pathogenic fungi and yeasts are thought to cause problems which can be difficult for your doctor to diagnose, because they are not often familiar with fungal disease or trained to look for it. Addressing what might be the root cause of your health problems by going on an anti-fungal program, which will starve any existing fungi, might provide relief from health problems you have experienced for years. 

3. You Want To Lose Weight

Most people go on a diet with the intention of losing weight. The Kaufmann Diet is not designed to be a weight loss diet, necessarily, but often times, people lose significant weight when they switch to the diet. This weight loss comes more easily than it ever has before for many people. 

4. You Simply Want To Feel Better

Many people in today’s world suffer from lethargy, lack of energy, brain fog, or a general feeling of malaise and un-motivation. Conversely, many people who start The Kaufmann Diet report a boost in their energy levels and increased levels of mental clarity. When you begin to eat whole foods and give your body the nourishment that it needs, 

5. You Already Feel Great, But Want To Elevate Your Health Further

The Kaufmann Diet is a great option for anyone, even those who are well-along on their health journey. Even if you are already in great health, you might be surprised at what 6 weeks on The Kaufmann Diet can do for your health. 


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Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

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