Asthma and Fungus

  I’m not certain how many types of asthma there are, but I know that in general, science advances by constantly adding new types of every disease-and therefore new drugs. 

If the disease doesn’t respond to their diagnostic criteria or medications, they they simply give it a new first name; non-small cell lung cancer vs. small cell lung cancer, as an example.

Says a new study, of the 200 million worldwide sufferers of asthma, about 5 million suffer from a type known as “bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, or ABPA. About 3 million of this group of 5 million ABPA sufferers gets relief when they take the toenail antifungal drug, Sporanox.

MY TAKE-It should surprise no one that an antifungal drug relieves this Aspergillus fungal disease. Given that admittedly, doctors do not know the cause of asthma, why not try Sporanox on the other 190 million asthma sufferers? My guess is that another 90 million would breathe again. 
Then would come the headline;

The Same Antifungal Drug That Stops Cancer Cells From Metastasizing Also Reverses 50% of Asthma Cases.

Yes, Sporanox was found to inhibit cancer metastasis by Johns Hopkins researchers in 2007. This headline would be followed by the realization that there probably aren’t 20 different types of asthma, or 100 different types of cancer. Soon, drug companies might realize that 50% of their asthma or cancer drugs are unnecessary. Don’t hold your breath~






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