So Many Great Ones

  I received a letter yesterday from a California physician. On the envelope was written the words, “Personal and Confidential.” As one who perpetually progresses the “always think fungus” philosophy, my stethoscoped brethren do not always agree with me. I was prepared for the worst.

Was this yet another hurtful rant from a one-time physician viewer of Know The Cause? I open letters like these when I am alone, because some have been demeaning and threatening.

Inside was a hand written note stating, “I thought that you’d find this interesting. Maybe this could account for possible fusion of human and fungal DNA leading to cancer!” Below is the text he was referring to. He closed the short note by stating “sorry, the source wasn’t cited.”

“Weird Science Facts.”
Science is illuminating and is often very strange indeed. One perfect example of this fact is that we know that human beings are actually 33% mushroom. As bizarre as it may seem, human beings are genuinely related to fungi and we share a third of our DNA with them.”

There will always be those who attempt to disrupt activities that they are ignorant of, or do not agree with. Then again, like this anonymous physician, there are so many great ones!


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