How To Take Chlorophyll As A Supplement

Chlorophyll is one of nature’s great “detoxifiers”, anti-fungals and anti-mycotics. My favorite way of getting chlorophyll is through actual food, which means greens, (spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, kale, etc.).

However, if you need a chlorophyll supplement, here are some thoughts:

1. Consider concentrated whole food supplements. They’re everywhere. These are either the concentrates of green vegetables, or concentrates of their juices in powdered form.

2. Chlorophyll capsules. My favorite is World Organics’ Mega Chlorophyll. I get the 100 mg capsules and take three per day, (one with each meal).

3. Take it slowly. If you’re not used to greens, these can easily send you to the bathroom, initially. You’ll get used to them eventually. It’s just a detoxifying reaction as you’re introducing something new to the body. Start with a tiny dose, gauge your body’s response and adjust accordingly.


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