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The Benefits of Chlorophyll

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Green is good for your health.

Many of us remember chlorophyl from ninth grade biology class. Chlorophyl is the green “stuff” that helps plants turn sunlight into food. Chlorophyl, as it turns out, is not just beneficial for plants; including this nutrient-dense food in our diet confers many benefits for our health, too.

It is fairly easy to spot chlorophyl-rich foods, because of the green color they impart. Any food that is green will contain chlorophyll, but some foods that are particularly rich in chlorophyll are dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, arugula, parsley, and Swiss chard. We all know that these foods are healthy and that we should be including them in our diet regularly; largely, chlorophyll is likely what confers so many of the benefits afforded by these foods.

Chlorophyll is rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, and K, but also contains important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Chlorophyll is also rich in beta-carotene, an important antioxidant.

Benefits of Chlorophyll

There is evidence that getting chlorophyll into your diet regularly can promote health. In addition, a variety of foods rich in chlorophyll is encouraged on the Kaufmann Diet, there are also a variety of supplements available that include chlorophyll, and for some, these might be a good option. Regardless of how you get chlorophyll into your diet, you will be doing your health a favor.

1. Chlorophyll helps prevent and possibly treat cancer.

The antioxidants inherent in chlorophyl likely assist to this end, but there is some evidence that chlorophyll might be useful in the treatment of some cancers, as well, such as skin and lung cancers. It is thought to protect against colon cancers and liver cancers; interestingly, this effect is achieved by inhibiting the effects of aflatoxin, a potent mycotoxin responsible for causing liver cancer.

2. Chlorophyll assists in detoxifying the liver and the rest of the body. 

As one of the body’s primary detoxification organs, the liver has a big job to do; chlorophyll, as it turns out, can assist in these processes. Chlorophyl is good at binding heavy metals and ushering them out of the body; it is also excellent of ridding the body of mycotoxins, like aflatoxins.

3. Chlorophyl has benefits for the blood.

Chlorophyl is thought to increase red blood cell counts, which allows more oxygen into the body. This is important when trying to eliminate yeasts and fungi from the body while on the Kaufmann Diet because these organisms thrive in an anaerobic (low oxygen) environment. Chemically, chlorophyll is similar in structure to hemoglobin, an important component of red blood cells.

4. Chlorophyl assist in healing wounds. 

One of the proven benefits of chlorophyl is its use in healing wounds, and chlorophyl has been used to this end for many years. Application of ointments containing chlorophyll derivatives can speed up the healing of wounds, reduce pain and inflammation, and combat bacterial infections.

5. Chlorophyl is beneficial for the skin.

Chlorophyl is thought to possess anti-aging properties that keep the skin healthy and protect from sun damage. It is thought to protect against certain viruses that cause skin lesions and protect against skin cancer.

6. Chlorophyl is beneficial for digestion.

Chlorophyll supports a healthy digestive tract by supporting beneficial bacteria but also by acting against yeasts and fungi that can overgrow in the gut. Chlorophyll promotes waste elimination and can be beneficial for constipation and relieving problems with gas.

7. Chlorophyll might be beneficial for pain. 

Because of its antioxidant properties, chlorophyll is thought to have benefits against pain associated with inflammation. This might make it a useful tool against diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

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