Food Allergy, What Doctors Are Discovering


Does Fungus Cause Food Allergies?

My new hero is NY University physician, Dr. Martin Blaser, who believes that antibiotics cause erosion of the delicate intestinal terrain, which in turn can lead to decreased immunity. This leaves us, he contends, vulnerable to immune disorders like food allergy.

His story follows the tragic death of a 14-year-old boy after experiencing an allergic reaction to peanuts. Rarely, type-one “anaphylactic allergy reaction” deaths do occur, as was the case here. As horrible as this peanut induced death is, Blaser’s believes that antibiotics, not peanuts, may have weakened his immune system, leaving it vulnerable the next time a peanut was consumed. In my opinion, he is 100% correct.

Antibiotics are fungal poisons, called “mycotoxins.” These poisons have been linked to almost any symptom or disease you can think of. Being “mutagenic carcinogens,” they contribute to gene mutations seen in cancer cells. Sadly, peanuts are sometimes impregnated with a poisonous mycotoxin called “aflatoxin” and that one poison alone may have caused this untimely death.

We were all born with good bacteria in our intestines and antibiotics are indiscriminant bacteria killers-good and bad bacteria are killed when we take antibiotics. Scientists have discovered that this good bacterium makes up a large part of our immune system, so you can imagine what many rounds of antibiotics do to harm your immune system.

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There are thousands of antibiotics on the market today and our quest for new antibiotics never ends because we are told that bad bacteria are evading our strongest antibiotics, leaving us “antibiotic resistant.” I contend, however that antibiotic over prescribing is causing antibiotic resistance, among many other things! Cattle are routinely fed antibiotics and then we eat their antibiotic impregnated milk and meat. Pregnant women are told to take antibiotics during pregnancy and these cross the placental barrier. Many children, perhaps this 14-year-old boy, are placed on antibiotics from the day they are born. Our scientists have become excellent at blaming bacteria for being smarter than our antibiotics, hence antibiotic resistance. The truth be known, these same scientists are likely the cause of antibiotic resistance by over prescribing these to mammals of all kinds.

Iatrogenic illness is doctor-induced illness. When once our scientists understand the role of fungi and their poisonous mycotoxins in the human disease process, we will come to understand that Dr. Blaser is a maverick in his linking mycotoxins (antibiotics) to food allergy. I can imagine the look on his face when he realizes that cancer, like food allergy, is yet another mycotoxin induced disease. Yes, antibiotics are already linked to 6 different human cancers!





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