Breast Cancer Research: The Missing Link


For decades now, I have been a TV show host, lecturer, researcher and a writer all the while hoping to raise your awareness of the fungus link to human health. I’ve never asked you to fund my plight, but I do believe I’ve come further with an understanding of the cause of breast cancer than any fundraising organization. I remain outspoken, and even critical when it comes to most disease research, but especially when it comes to breast cancer fund raising aimed at research. Cleverly, the words “breast cancer” and “the cure” are mentioned together for marketing purposes and it is working for fundraisers. How I wish it was working for breast cancer sufferers. 30 years of money raising has yet to cure breast cancer.

We Americans are really good people. Psychologically, we feel good when giving money to a cause, and breast cancer money raisers know that extremely well. Just a little more of your hard earned money will surely defeat breast cancer, seems to be their decades long mantra.

Canadian researchers have recently discovered that 5-10% of breast cancer deaths are attributed to alcohol consumption. In America, where about 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, this means that 15,000-30,000 die each year because they drink alcohol! tells of the antibiotic link to breast cancer, additionally. Those researchers found that women who took antibiotics for more than 500 days-or had more than 25 prescriptions-over an average period of 17 years, had twice the risk of breast cancer as women who had taken no antibiotics.

If only some brilliant researcher would find what antibiotics and alcohol have in common he’d be rich! With the exception of the “brilliant” and “rich” part, that is exactly what I have done. Please always remember this! Fungi make poisons called “mycotoxins” and mycotoxins are known to cause cancer.

THE FUNGUS IS CALLED PENICILLIUM and the poison it makes is called penicillin.
THE FUNGUS IS CALLED BREWERS YEAST and the poison it makes is called alcohol.

It’s really this simple, yet breast cancer fundraisers and cancer researchers remain unaware,. Now, armed with this important life saving information, you no longer have to remain unaware. Always be careful of taking antibiotics or drinking any kind of alcohol.


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