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Everything You Need To Know About Supplements

Everything You Need To Know About Supplements
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Supplements can be an overwhelming topic for some people, because there are so many to choose from. Most people do not know about supplements or what each individual supplement does or if it is necessary to take, so a trip to the health food store can be frustrating. For those on The Kaufmann Diet, there are some key supplements you should take, probiotics, and some good ones that are suggested. Other supplements can be added according to specific needs. 

The first thing to know about supplements is that you should discontinue all of them immediately upon beginning the diet, unless your doctor has advised you to take a certain supplement. After a few weeks on the diet, you are advised to resume supplementation regimens, but in the interest of really pinpointing the cause of health problems, it is recommended to just stick to the diet, with one exception––natural anti-fungal supplements. 

The first category of supplements that you should take as part of the program are natural, anti-fungal supplements. These include a variety of supplements, like oil of oregano, clove oil, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, and many more. In fact, many of the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants you find at the health food store exhibit some sort of anti-fungal activity. 

With your doctor’s approval to start the diet and a supplement regimen, you should begin taking an anti-fungal supplement when you begin the diet. These will assist you in achieving the goal of the diet, which is the elimination of yeasts and fungi within the body. When you finish one anti-fungal supplement, immediately begin a different one. Rotating these is effective at killing a broad-spectrum of these organisms that may respond differently to different anti-fungals. 

The next category of supplement you should absolutely take is probiotics. These beneficial bacteria support every aspect of health, and as you kill the yeasts in your intestines, re-colonizing the gut with these healthy bacteria will help prevent the return of yeast overgrowth. It can be helpful to wait a week to begin a probiotic regimen to give the diet and anti-fungal supplements time to start ridding the body of yeasts. It may also be beneficial to take a loading dose of probiotics initially, then taper off to a supplemental dose. 

The next category of supplements are suggested supplements that support overall health. These include a good vitamin supplement, fish oil, and beta glucan. These supplements support health in a comprehensive way––think of them like an insurance policy. 

Other supplements can and should be added in based on need. For instance, chromium picolinate might be a good option for someone trying to control blood sugar. Magnesium can be great for relaxation and getting to sleep. Co-enzyme Q10 is a must have for people concerned about cardiovascular health. To learn more about which supplements support which body systems requires a deep dive and the counsel of a good naturopath or even a health food store owner. If you have a specific health need, these people can be an excellent resource!

Keeping it simple with supplements is a good way to support your health without draining your wallet. Stick to what you need and focus on your diet and you will likely be well on your way to good health.

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