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Stick to Water

Stick To Water
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On The Kaufmann Diet, you are encouraged to stick to water as your primary source of hydration. 

Many people routinely avoid water in favor of other beverages like sodas, but giving up sodas is a bit of a non-brainer. These beverages are loaded with sugar and artificial colors, and it is generally agreed that they are abysmal for health. Sodas have routinely been implicated in health problems like weight gain and diabetes. Yet, they continue to be cheap, widely available, and are seemingly served by the bucketful if you frequent fast food restaurants. Sodas, because they are packed with sugar, can be addictive, and obviously constitute an enormous serving of sugar. On The Kaufmann Diet, these types of beverages are eliminated, entirely. 

But what about other types of soft drinks? There is a seemingly endless variety of beverages available; are any of these ok?

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

Generally, it is best to avoid any sort of soft drinks, including juices, teas, sports drinks, energy drinks, or other beverages that you would find at a convenience store. Often, these are loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial colorings, and other ingredients you should avoid on your diet. Many of these are touted as healthy, or as having some sort of nutritional value; even if these are sugar-free, you should still opt for plain water every time. Your options for beverages should remain very limited:


Filtered water is best when it is available; unless there is something wrong with your tap water though, water from the tap is ok to drink. Some experts recommend 8 glasses a day, others recommend half your body weight in ounces. Regardless, you should drink plenty of water, and it should be your primary beverage. Mineral water and fizzy water are generally ok, but avoid any flavored waters. You can add Kaufmann Diet-approved fruits to your water for light flavoring if you so choose. 

Herbal Tea

Certain herbal teas can be enjoyed in moderation, but avoid black tea and other teas; these contain caffeine which you should avoid on The Kaufmann One Diet and are often cured in ways that can render them susceptible to mold contamination and mycotoxins. 

Fresh-Squeezed Juice

Fresh-squeezed juice is more like a meal than a beverage, but this is permitted on The Kaufmann Diet. Be sure to include only Kaufmann Diet-approved fruits and vegetables. 

Certain Milks

Cow’s Milk is off limits, as is most dairy, but unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk and other nut milks are fine. Avoid oat milk and soy milk while on The Kaufmann One Diet. 

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