E Cigarettes – Can You Combat the Health Risks?



Notwithstanding the younger audiences that are attracted to E Cigarettes

or the damage done to the immune system while smoking them, as published a few weeks ago, there are E Cigarette health risks that we all need to be aware of. The vaporizing is created within a soup of chemicals called E Juice or E Liquid, most of which contain a blend of polypropylene glycol (PG-Based) and Vegetable glycerin (VG-Based), and as a general rule, if I can’t pronounce it, I avoid putting it in my mouth!

So if my son is becoming addicted to E Cigrettes, I’d offer some fatherly advice, hoping to help him. But why doesn’t he stop after hearing of the health consequences? Because he is a kid!

I used to be a kid and I thought that I was invincible, so fear of consequences doesn’t apparently sneak in for a few decades. If we can’t get them to stop, we can teach them to protect their lungs and their health, while they are still invincible!

This can often be done by simply chasing a day filled with E Cigarettes with a few inhaled puffs of simple antimicrobial products like oregano oil or olive leaf, both of which are available in inhaled form. If i was using an E Cigarette all day, I would make sure my head doesn’t hit the pillow at night without 3 consecutive “inhale, hold and exhale’s of my favorite antimicrobial.”


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