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Antibiotic Resistance: Have We Had It Wrong The Whole Time?

BROKEN NEWS: Antibiotic Resistance Have We Had It Wrong The Whole Time?
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BREAKING NEWS!: Antibiotic Resistance
BROKEN NEWS: Antibiotic Resistance

LA Times reports that 2 people have died and another 170, or so, were exposed to an antibiotic resistant bacteria, called CRE. It seems that this germ kills about 50% of those with it, because antibiotics don’t kill it. UCLA is being questioned on how well they cleaned the reusable endoscopes that apparently passed the germs. The media is amazed that one of the top 5 hospitals in the country could have this happen, although they are also much relieved that the FDA has stepped in to oversee the problem.

Bacteria and viruses are killed during sterilization of these metal devices, a process called “autoclaving.” But fungal metabolites called “mycotoxins” are both heat stabile and antibiotic resistant!

Fungal infections are extremely common today and a fungal infection would mimic an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection, because antibiotics do not kill fungus and may even accelerate their growth. Did you know that, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) you are more likely to get a fungal infection when taking an antibiotic? Can you imagine the number of antibiotics these people with CRE have already been on because their doctors think they have a bacterial infection? The more antibiotics a person takes, the more fungus is stoked, and the patient gets sicker and sicker.

Should it shock any of us that the mucous membranes through which these endoscopes travel, are filled with fungus and yeasts? If they have already deposited their poisonous mycotoxins within our tissues, no autoclave is capable of cleansing the mycotoxins.

Until our FDA and American hospitals understand how dangerous the traditional practice of medicine is without our doctors knowing how to differentiate between a bacterial and fungal infections, we will continue to search, as American researchers currently are, for new and better antibiotics.
100% of antibiotic resistant cases, I believe, should be prescribed life saving antifungals immediately.


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