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Drug after Drug

Drug After Drug
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In 2016, BMC ivMedicine (1)  asked this important question: Antibiotics, Obesity and the Link to Microbes – What Are We Doing to Our Children?

They stated, “This increase in adiposity appears to be mediated by antibiotic-induced changes in gut microbiota composition leading to increased short-chain fatty acid production and altered host metabolism including upregulation of genes involved in lipogenesis.”  It’s technical, I know, but the bottom line here is that antibiotics make children fat.  Scientists have documented this fact for decades, yet antibiotic prescription writing is at an all-time high.  Now that we know with certainty that many children become overweight by taking antibiotics, wouldn’t exercising more caution when prescribing antibiotics seem prudent?  They have tried “antibiotic stewardship” for many years…to no avail.

No, this isn’t the way things are done in medicine.  Simply put, when you know that your medications have created significant health problems, you create more medications to treat the health problems you’ve created with the first medications.

A new article (2) confirms this.  The headline says it all, Affording the cost of new obesity drugs? We can’t afford not to!  In other words, we’ve known that antibiotics were growth promoters for decades and we even knew that they are making our children obese.  Instead of realizing how probiotics might repair the damage that their antibiotics have done, or finding new chemicals that would kill bacteria more safely, they’ve come up with “the pharmaceutical fix (TPF).”  More drugs!  And when these drugs induce side effects that are dangerous?  No problem at all, they’ve got TPF!

More now than ever, please learn about defending your immune system so the need for more and more drugs is lessened.  There are two distinct sides to TPF.  They might be lifesaving, but they just might have to opposite effect, also. Be careful out there!


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