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What supplements do I take for my Immune system?

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I met Frank Jordan in the 1990’s.  Franks mom had passed away and he began studying the human immune system in hopes of discovering how immune decline might link to illness and death.  He was a very successful businessman, armed with a post-graduate business degree.  We spoke for hours about the Divine Intervention that led to his eventual discovery of a little-known yeast-cell wall extract that had tremendous positive impact on the human immune system. There were hundreds of scientific publications about Beta Glucan that were in medical journals.  But since it was a natural extract, few wanted to take on the expense of refining this protein into an immune modulating oral supplement.  The good news is that the FDA had already listed Beta Glucan as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), so Frank and his team rolled up their sleeves and began harvesting this important extract. There were some difficulties to overcome because in the 1990’s the raw product was rather crude.  Frank fixed that. I take Franks product called NSC 100, Beta Glucan every day and have since 2017, when I missed a week of it while traveling.  My immune system let me know to never do that again!

Frank has a great deal set up for Know the Cause – go and see it here: NSC Doug’s Duo – 2 Products at 1 great discount! – Nutritional Scientific Corporation (

A medical article published two years ago lends credibility to taking Resveratrol regularly to enhance immunity.  I take it weekly and have for some time.  Resveratrol makes red skin on grapes…red!  It also has antifungal properties and I rotate my antifungal supplements.  Says this study, “Resveratrol can play a beneficial role in the prevention and in the progression of chronic diseases related to inflammation such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegeneration, and cancers among other conditions.”

Do not rely on great immunity with just a supplement or two. Yes, they can enhance immunity by themselves, but consider a lifestyle change as enhancing immunity even more!   Exercise regularly, get some sun regularly, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol and fast/packaged foods.  All of these things can lead to not only an extended life, but a healthy extended life!

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