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Why Everyone Should Try The Kaufmann Diet

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Increasingly, research affirms that what we put in our mouths influences our health in very profound ways, and many studies have confirmed that by changing what we eat, we can avoid very serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Furthermore, we can also avoid the the health issues that precede those diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and other problems, just with simple dietary changes. The Kaufmann Diet is a powerful tool for promoting health, no matter what your health goals are. 

The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many of these foods that are known to detract from health, such as foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, processed foods, unhealthy fats and oils, and many of the things people unfortunately eat every day that are known to influence our health in negative ways. 

By now though, most of us know that all of these foods are bad for us, and many diets insists these kinds of foods are eliminated, so in that sense, The Kaufmann Diet is similar to many other diets. However, even though there are many diets that eliminate these foods, the reasons why these foods are eliminated on The Kaufmann Diet are profoundly different––and the results you experience may be too. 

Many people are not aware that there are poisons lurking in our food system; these poisons are left behind when foods are infested with mold. These mold poisons, called mycotoxins, can have serious implications for our health, yet they are not regulated aggressively. Research indicates that foods like corn, wheat, soy, peanuts and other foods that are very common in our processed food system, are often contaminated with these poisons, even if they are found in trace amounts. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

Furthermore, there is evidence that some of these same molds, yeasts, and fungi can infect humans and cause a myriad of health problems––these infections might be more common than many would assume, and are linked to everything from brain fog, weight gain, to diabetes and cancer. These infections, once they have taken root inside out body, can be fueled by our dietary choices, particularly if you eat lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates. 

When designing The Kaufmann Diet, Doug Kaufmann went to great lengths to discern which foods were both likely to be contaminated with mycotoxins and which foods would serve as fuel for internal fungal infections. The dietary plan was designed to fight these particular problems by eliminating foods from the diet. No other diet really addresses these problems in the same comprehensive way. Therefore, if you are suffering from issues related to yeast or fungus, it is very unlikely you will find relief no matter how strictly you adhere to any other diet. 

Often, when people try The Kaufmann Diet for a month or two, they experience relief from symptoms they have experienced for years. Many people experience effortless weight loss, increased energy and mental clarity, and a whole new level of vitality. Even if you have followed other diets strictly, you may not be fully addressing the risk that fungi and mycotoxins pose to your health. So even if you have tried and had success on other diets, The Kaufmann Diet may elevate your health to new heights. 

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