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Does Portion Size Matter?

Portion Control
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Methods like portion control and calorie counting are common strategies people use when they are trying to lose weight. While some people have success when employing these strategies, calorie counting can be a cumbersome strategy that quickly overwhelms people. Portion control often leaves people feeling hungry, even after they have eaten, which can lead to overeating––defeating the purpose entirely. 

The Kaufmann Diet does not really encourage portion control or calorie counting. Sure, you can employ these strategies if you choose to, but they are not typically necessary for people on the diet. Instead, you are merely encouraged to stick to foods on the diet and eat until you are satisfied. In spite of not necessarily paying attention to portions, many people lose significant weight on the diet, often more effortlessly than they ever have. 

Why is this?

There are a couple reasons which might explain why weight loss come so easily and why people often have success with weight loss on The Kaufmann Diet: 

The Foods You Eliminate

The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many of the ultra-processed and hyper-palatable foods so many people eat as the bulk of their diet. These foods are often very calorically dense, rich in unhealthy fats, simple carbs, and sugar while being low in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. They often contain way too much sodium and other non-nutritive ingredients that are not good for our health.

It is very easy to overeat foods like these, and given their hyper-palatability, they are foods that many people crave––this is why these types of foods comprise the bulk of so many people’s diets. 

The Foods You Include

When you switch to The Kaufmann Diet, you are including a wide variety of healthy, whole foods which come straight from the earth, such as vegetables, lean meats, eggs, fruits and nuts; these types of foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Vegetables have lots of fiber, which can help you feel full, while being quite low in calories. Lean meats and fish are loaded with protein and healthy fat––which also help you feel full while eating less. These kinds of foods tend to be less calorically dense, so even when you eat a lot, it is hard to over-consume calories. These types of foods keep you feeling fuller longer, therefore less likely to overeat throughout the day. 

The Fungal Factor

The Kaufmann Diet is designed to starve pathogenic fungi in the body and eliminate mycotoxins. Often, when people address these factors––factors which no other diet or health plan had previously addressed––they find many of their health problems seem to resolve and they lose weight more effortlessly than they ever have. The link between fungi and weight loss is detailed in The Fungus Link to Weight Loss book, available in our shop. 


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