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Do Anti-Fungal Nutrients Fight Cancer?

Antifungal Nutritients
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We often talk about the myriad of anti-fungal nutrients available on The Kaufmann Diet. 

Anti-fungal supplements can be very beneficial for those trying to eliminate pathogenic yeasts and fungi from the body. These work in tandem with a diet designed to starve fungi to put you in the best position to rid yourself of these organisms and whatever health problems they may be causing. 

However, of more interest to many people––at least, those who are not really familiar with the Fungus Link to health problems––are nutrients that kill cancer. 

Cancer is the number two killer of Americans, behind heart disease, and is set to eventually overtake heart disease in terms of number of annual deaths. Cancer is certainly a terrible disease to get, and one that many people seek to prevent or fight naturally. Particularly because the treatments for cancer can be so sever, it comes as no surprise that the interest in nutrients that might work to kill cancer is at an all-time high. 

This interest has carried over into research, and interestingly, much of that research has revealed that there are many naturally-occurring, generally safe nutrients that might have cancer-killing properties. These are nutrients like vitamin C, curcumin found in turmeric, sulforaphane found in broccoli, lycopene from tomatoes, certain nutrients in ginger and garlic and many more. 

Research into the ability of these nutrients to kill cancer in the body is ongoing. But interestingly, many of these nutrients are nutrients we have talked about for years at Know The Cause for their ability to kill fungus. Many of these have been encouraged for those on The Kaufmann Diet because they can be so effective at killing yeast. 

It is worth noting that there are many interesting similarities between cancer and fungus:

      • Both thrive in anaerobic environments
      • Both produce lactic acid
      • Both produce sacs or tumors
      • Both thrive on sugar for metabolism 
      • Both emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be detected by dogs

For a more in depth look at the similarities between cancer and fungus plus more information on the link between fungi, yeast, mycotoxins, check out The Germ That Causes Cancer by Doug Kaufmann.

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It is interesting that nutrients we know have a potent effect against fungus are also being found to kill cancer. Given the similarities between cancer and fungi, however, perhaps it should not come as much of a surprise. 

There is the potential that this research could lead to different, hopefully gentler and more natural remedies for cancer in the future, but for now, you can glean the benefits of these supplements by heading to your local health food store. These can be thought of as part of your natural anti-fungal protocol, but you will also be actively fighting cancer as well. 

You should always consult your physician before starting a new supplement regimen. And remember, cancer is a complex disease; if you do have cancer, you should always work with your physicians to forge a treatment regimen, and heed their advice. Likely though, starting The Kaufmann Diet and taking certain natural supplements will be permitted by your physician, and might help address an underlying fungal issue that is more intimately linked to cancer than currently acknowledged. 

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