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Diabetes in Children and Fungus

Diabetes in Children
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Over 1/3rd of children with signs of autoimmune disorders developed Type 1 Diabetes.  That, in unto itself isn’t ever reportable anymore.  American researchers seem to have given up on ever knowing why children develop diabetes.  Of course, with diabetes comes lifelong drug dependency.  A study found that gut fungus triggered the development of Type 1 diabetes in children.  This is not surprising to me, for 20 years ago, I authored a book expounding upon fungus and diabetes and it still sells well today. But it does show how disease “maintenance” supersedes concern over a cause.  To me this is sad, but I will die wishing their eyes would open.

The 35% of children in the study who developed Type 1 Diabetes had “significantly elevated intestinal inflammation” as measured by stool and blood tests. 

The Fungus Link to Diabetes
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Certain fungal mycotoxins initiate a process inside the human body that cause our endocrine systems (think diabetes) to misfire.  The name that science has placed on this phenomenon is “endocrine disruption.”  Could it be that 1/3rd of Type 1 childhood diabetes is linked to the fungal mycotoxins that caring pediatricians prescribe to loving parents?  Yes, antibiotics are fungal mycotoxins.  As a matter of fact, our doctors should know this. According to a 2015 research paper published in Current Protocols in Pharmacology, “Streptozotocin (STZ) is an antibiotic that produces pancreatic islet beta-cell destruction and is widely used experimentally to produce a model of type 1 diabetes mellitus.”  Really.  We cause Type 1 diabetes in lab animals with antibiotics, so we can study new pharmaceutical drugs.

No one can deny that fungal mycotoxins cause mammalian Type 1 diabetes, because this fact is so well published in medical journals.  I’d encourage everyone with Type 1 Diabetes to carefully study therapeutic options that exist including diet, exercise and knowledge that “the cause,” even long ago, may have been that moldy basement, the leaky roof in a home, alcohol or even a few rounds of antibiotics.  Then share your knowledge with a doctor who has ears to listen.

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