Diabetes Drugs have Antifungal Properties

Diabetes drugs have Antifungal Properties
The Fungus Link to Diabetes
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I’m no stranger to the fungus link to diabetes, having written a book, The Fungus Link to Diabetes, 18 years ago. That book continues to fly off of our shelves, for a reason!  Seven years ago, I taught that the diabetes drugs, Avandia and Actos (“Glitazones”) had antifungal properties and proposed that the reason they helped diabetics was precisely for that reason.

Now comes yet another article that confirms the fungus link to diabetes. The headline, Common Diabetes Drug Reverses Inflammation In The Liver, showed that Metformin controlled liver swelling in mice, something that Metformin had never been tested for.  Metformin, of course, is a diabetes drug.  Of course, Metformin controls liver swelling, and I believe it is for the exact reason that it helps stabilize blood sugar in diabetic patients; it kills the fungus that elevates blood sugar levels!  Recall that certain fungal mycotoxins are endocrine disrupters, so sure enough, this biguanide drug, Metformin, just like Avandia and Actos, has antifungal properties.  A research paper, posted by Science Daily, stated “While the molecular mechanisms of biguanide antifungal activity require closer examination, these data suggest that biguanides offer a potential new therapeutic modality alone or in combination antifungal therapy.”

In summary, given my belief that mycotoxins cause diabetes, scientists will continue to “coincidentally” discover that anything, be it food, a supplement or prescriptive drugs that successfully helps stabilize diabetes just happen to also have antifungal, or fungal starvation properties. It may take another century before they realize why their drugs control blood sugar, but now you know this!

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