Candida Diet, Is It The Same As The Kaufmann 1 Diet?


Slowly, more people are coming to realize that many of their
health problems may be linked to fungus. The fact that fungi and molds can cause problems isn’t any sort of new news––it’s been well documented in the scientific literature for years––but the extent to which these organisms are related to the health problems people commonly experience is slowly coming into light. Needless to say, the scope is much larger than most people, including doctors, assume.

Fungi can cause problems as mild as nail fungus, but they can also play a role in diseases as serious as cancer. The effects that fungi have on human health vary according to the kind of fungi involved and the extent to which it flourishes in the body or in one’s immediate environment. Some types of fungal infections are very rare, but certain types, like candida albicans, are quite common.

Candida is the fungi that causes yeast infections. Yeast infections are usually obvious and often treated with prescription medicines, but other symptoms of systemic candida often aren’t associated with fungal problems. These can include symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, “brain fog” and other problems. Unbeknownst to the sufferer that their problems have a fungal root, candidiasis is allowed to proliferate into a systemic issue and continue to cause health problems.

So, can the Kaufmann 1 Diet offer help for systemic candidiasis? The Kaufmann 1 Diet is designed to starve any sort of fungal infection. It is a broad-spectrum approach to starving not only candida, but any other type of pathogenic fungal disease. While candida can––and commonly does––cause health problems, it isn’t the only type of fungi that threatens humans, and the research Doug Kaufmann has done shows that the scope of fungal influence on human disease is profound. The Kaufmann 1 Diet works towards starving pathogenic fungi in the body and reducing exposure to fungal organisms and their poisonous byproducts. Ideally, the Kaufmann 1 Diet becomes a lifestyle instead of a short term fix to health problems.

So while you are on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, you are essentially on an anti-candida diet, as well. Candida survives on the same fuel many other pathogenic fungi thrives on: Sugar. Eliminating certain foods can go a long way towards ridding the body of candida. Foods to avoid include sugar or anything with added sugar, grains, corn, starchy vegetables, the sweeter varieties of fruit, peanuts, pistachios, alcohol and most processed foods.

If you suspect candida or any other fungi to be at the root of your health problems, try a Kaufmann 1 Diet for a few weeks. At first, you may feel much worse, which is, in fact, a good sign; you may be experiencing a “die-off” reaction. Following this, if you feel much better, you may have found the root of you health problems.




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