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Can Fungus Mimic Other Diseases?

Can Fungus Mimic Other Diseases
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While the medical literature is rife with information about how fungi can cause very serious diseases, fungi is rarely considered to be prevalent or cause much beyond simple nail or yeast infections. But there is some evidence that fungi may affect us more often than we think, and we may be exposed to their poisons on a daily basis simply through the food we eat. 

It has been published that fungi infest many different foods such as wheat, corn, peanuts and other foods. These foods underpin our industrial food system, and invariably some of these fungi and their poisons find their way to our plate. We also expose ourselves to fungi via the air we breathe, and through drugs like antibiotics. So we know that we are exposed to these organisms and their poisons, and that they can infect us and cause harm. But how prevalent is this, and can this really be that dangerous?

A certain kind of fungus called histoplasmosis capsulatum can infect the lungs and form sacs within the lungs. These are often mistaken for lung cancer. Fungi actually share many of the same attributes of cancer, including forming tight sacs, anaerobic metabolism, production of lactic acid, and reliance on sugar for metabolism. This is one example of how fungi can appear as some other disease convincingly. 

This raises the question: how often are fungi mistaken for other diseases? Is this more common than we think? How many symptoms are actually the result of underlying fungal infections? 

Fungus Link Trilogy PaperBackDoug Kaufmann’s research, published in The Fungus Link series of books are available here on our website, leads many to believe that fungal problems are far more common than we think and go far too undetected. Often, these appear as disease like cancer or diabetes, while in reality fungi and their poisons either lie at the root or are intimately involved in these diseases. 

Yet, most mainstream medical practitioners remain skeptical about fungi being involved in disease. Often they will refuse to even consider that this might be an issue. 

Fortunately, if you are struggling with health problems and suspect they could be linked to fungi or directly caused by fungi, there is a simple way to tell if that suspicion is accurate; spend four to six weeks on an anti fungal program like The Kaufmann Diet, and see if your conditions improve. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many foods known to be contaminated with fungi and their poisons, and starves pathogenic fungi by dramatically reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates and sugar in the diet. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

If your symptoms do improve, you may have discovered that your problem was not a disease, but that you had a problem with yeast or fungi!

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