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Are You Ever Totally Rid of Fungi?

Rid Of Fungi
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Pathogenic fungal organisms are known to cause health problems within the body––this is well documented in the scientific literature. However, there is some evidence that this condition of having fungi cause numerous health problems within the body might be more common than assumed by many mainstream practitioners. 

There are a variety of ways which we can be exposed to fungi and yeasts. From the foods we eat, to the air we breathe, there are a wide variety of fungal exposures which can put us at risk for developing a fungal infection.  

Fungal problems typically start in the gut. Naturally, in all of our digestive systems, we have beneficial bacteria. We also have yeasts; these are naturally-occurring and are there from birth. Typically, our natural gut biome is kept in check by beneficial bacteria, which keep yeasts from overgrowing. Over time, however, these bacterial colonies can become damaged. This can be caused by poor diet, particularly one that is rich in foods that are contaminated with mycotoxins, such as grains, corn, and other foods; taking drugs such as antibiotics can also damage this delicate balance. These damages to our gut biome can allow yeasts and fungi to flourish, and proliferate throughout the body. 

If you add a diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar––like many western diets tend to be––this is a recipe for fungal overgrowth which may lead to health problems. 

The Kaufmann Diet and anti-fungal program is designed to starve such pathogenic fungi and mitigate the risk posed by mycotoxin contamination in our food supply. Many people experience relief from health problems that have plagued them for years, from very annoying problems like allergies and skin problems to far more serious diseases. After a period of time on the diet, which can include some rotating, natural anti-fungal supplements, many people feel better than they have felt in years.

Does this mean pathogenic yeast and fungi have been eliminated from the body?

Fungi and yeasts are elusive organisms; sometimes fungal spores can lay dormant for years until conditions are right to resume life processes. Starving fungi via diet can diminish their numbers and thus mitigate the problems these organisms cause, but it may never be enough to totally eliminate them from the body. This is why people can be on The Kaufmann Diet for a period of time and experience relief, but when they return to old ways of eating, health problems seem to flare up again. 

This is also why so many people choose to stay on the diet permanently, making it more of a lifestyle than a short term diet. For many people, eating in a way that safeguards against fungi seems to keep health problems at bay. When the diet is combined with healthy lifestyle, such as sensible exercise, stress reduction, healthy sleep, and maintaining healthy gut flora, man people experience the permanent relief from symptoms that have plagued them for many years. 

Keeping yeast and fungi in check may be perpetual endeavor for many people, but the good health, feeling of vitality, and abundant energy afforded by healthy living may make permanent lifestyle change feel very easy. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

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