A-L-E-R-T Mounting Evidence That Cancer is Not Always Cancer!


You’ve read my previous blog on the unquestionable link that exists between the antibiotics that all of us have taken and colon cancer. As it turns out, common antibiotics are giving us cancer. But wait, antibiotics are fungus! Are antibiotics giving us fungal infections that doctors are calling “cancer”?

1. Paracoccidiomycosis (fungal infection) mimicking squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.
Mycopathologica 2014;177:325-9.

2. Fungal infection mimicking pulmonary malignancy (lung cancer): Clinical and Radiological Characteristics.
Lung 2013 191;655-62.

I believe they are, and if I am correct, these two recent papers represent only the tip of the iceberg! Scientists tell us that fungal infections are rare, but cancer is common. What if it were the other way around? What if cancer was rare and fungal infections were common…and called “cancer”?

One of our technical writers, Luke Curtis, MD, has previously reported on paper #2 above. As this paper reported, 27 diagnosed lung cancer patients didn’t have lung cancer at all, and all 27 improved to some degree while taking antifungal medications. Not once, but 27 times, lung fungus was misdiagnosed as lung cancer!

Paper #2 refers to a 65 year old man who was diagnosed with tongue cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), but a biopsy (thank God!) revealed a tongue fungal infection instead, and a simple toenail antifungal drug, called Sporanox, successfully cured his “tongue cancer.”

The Germ That Causes Cancer

germ-that-causes-cancer-smallThis book expounds upon the role of fungus in cancer.  Most physicians are unaware that common antibiotics may contribute to cancer while drugs that kill fungus often help cancer patients.  This is an important book that has been reduced to a much easier read for the layperson.  It includes a chemotherapy nurses notes, the confessions of a chemotherapy drug salesman and a physicians account of what he would do if he were diagnosed with cancer.

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For almost 40 years, I’ve wondered how many other “cancers” could have been cured with simple antifungal medication and diet changes. Thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands, report self-treating their cancer with natural supplements, only to have it go into remission. Others claim that by simply changing their diet, their cancer disappeared! Doctors don’t believe this, and neither do I! True cancers cannot be reversed with diet or supplements. But both diet and antifungal pills (prescriptive or natural supplements) could effectively treat a fungal infection as these scientific papers attest! It is my guess that these great people never had cancer in the first place, but rather, they had a nasty fungal infection that responded well to these natural approaches.

Finally, the above referenced Journal, LUNG, stated this:

“When evaluating clinical and radiological findings suspicious for malignancy, clinicians and radiologists should be aware that other conditions, including fungal infections, should be included in differential diagnoses“.

SO TRUE, but does your doctor know this? Even if he doesn’t, you do!

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