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Are Protein Supplements OK For The Kaufmann Diet?

Protein Supplements
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As one of the three big macronutrients, we all know that protein is an important part of our diet. Protein is a major building block for our bodies, and it is critical to get enough of it. We know that protein is healthy, but can you use protein supplements on The Kaufmann Diet?

Fortunately on The Kaufmann Diet, it is easy to get enough protein, because a wide variety of healthy sources of protein are available to you. The Kaufmann Diet encourages foods like grass-fed beef and lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, and fish like salmon and tuna. Eggs, nuts and certain seeds are also encouraged. These are all good sources of protein, and if you are eating a balanced Kaufmann Diet meal, chances you are getting more than enough protein. 

Some people, however, such as athletes and body builders, may choose to supplement with additional protein, often in the form of protein powders or protein shakes. Is this ok for those on The Kaufmann Diet?

In short, the answer is yes. However, there are a couple of important questions when it comes to any type of food product, including protein supplements:

1. What Are The Ingredients?

Of course, protein supplements contain protein, but what else do they contain? Do they contain added sugar? Unnatural flavors? Food colorings? Often times, protein supplements contain all of these things, and the benefit of added protein is not necessarily worth consuming these additional ingredients, particularly in the case of sugar. Also, you should likely be avoiding most other sweeteners, be they natural sweeteners like honey or agave, or unnatural sweeteners like aspartame or Sucralose. 

2. What Is The Source Of Those Ingredients? 

What is the source of the protein in your protein supplement? Some supplements use sources of protein you might want to think twice about if you are on The Kaufmann Diet. These include proteins derived from soy or other beans that aren’t allowed on Kaufmann One. Other protein sources include protein from fungus, known as mycoprotein. These should certainly be avoided. 

What Should I Look For?

Ideally, products like ovalbumin (egg white protein) or whey protein are the way to go when it comes to Kaufmann Diet protein supplementation. In the case of whey, look for products that come from grass-fed cows. Organic in both cases is best. Be sure to make sure there is no added sugar in your protein supplements. Ingredients like xylitol or stevia are ok, but avoided any other sweeteners, natural or otherwise. 

Particularly if you are trying to gain muscle, protein supplements can be a valuable addition to your regimen when combined with a workout plan and the Kaufmann Diet.

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