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A Simple Plan For Losing Abdominal Fat

Losing Abdominal Fat
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Everyone wants to lose their abdominal fat; it is simpler than you might think, but requires more commitment than many are willing to make.

If most people could name one health goal, it would be to lose the extra pounds hanging around their waist. It is no wonder; more than two thirds of Americans are considered overweight. Now more than ever, we know that carrying extra weight has long-term health consequences. So, staying slim and maintaining a healthy weight carries more significance today than perhaps ever before, beyond just a superficial desire to “look good”. 

The reviled “belly fat” is the subject of clickbait all over the internet, with ads promising to help you lose belly fat in 7 days, or this miracle cure, or pill, or plan. Most of us realize these things for what they are; scams to rake in money, preying upon the desperate. 

Is it possible to lose weight in 7 days? Sure, you can even do it in a healthy way, but it likely will not be the total body transformation that is being promised. How long did it take you to put on that extra weight? No one grows a belly overnight; no one loses one either. While some extreme plans might give extreme results in shorter periods of time, studies show that people who participate in extreme crash dieting invariably wind up gaining back all the weight and then some. That is because extreme lifestyle changes are not sustainable, and often they aren’t healthy either. 

The truth is, weight loss takes time, especially losing abdominal fat. It takes dedication, and most of all, it takes consistency. Consistency is the opposite of dramatic, overnight change; consistency is lifestyle change. So, here is a simple plan for cutting unwanted weight. It involves simple dietary change, simple exercise routines, and some basic, good-advice lifestyle modifications. No miracle cures, no magic pills, but you can expect real results. 

1. Switch to The Kaufmann Diet

The Kaufmann Diet is a simple eating plan that cuts simple carbohydrates and sugar while focusing on nutritious, whole foods. The goal of the Kaufmann Diet is to eliminate yeast and fungi in the body whilst eliminating foods contaminated with mold poisons, but the result is many people effortlessly lose weight. The Kaufmann Diet is naturally low in high sugar foods, which has benefits for blood sugar levels––the downstream effect is benefits for weight loss. The Kaufmann Diet doesn’t involve calorie counting, or any drastic measures. Enjoy the foods on the diet, exclude the foods that aren’t allowed. While it might seem difficult at first, the dramatic results will soon have you forgetting about any foods you might be missing. 

2. Supplement Smartly

Supplements alone will not make you lose weight, but on The Kaufmann Diet, we are taking a whole body approach to health, which naturally results in healthy weight loss. Probiotics are important, because they support the health of the gut. Fish oil supports many systems in the body. A rotating anti-fungal will help rid the body of parasitic yeasts and fungi, and when people address this aspect of their health, weight loss seems to be easier. A multivitamin can be a good insurance policy that ensures you get the nutrition you need on a regular basis. 

3. Exercise Regularly 

You do not have to run a triathlon on your first day. If you are sedentary, start with walking. Gradually increase your intensity in your workouts as you regain your wind. While sit-ups are great for defining abdominal muscles, remember that doing hundreds of sit ups or crunches a day will not flatten your belly or reduce fat in that area. Focus on training your whole body, and in tandem with diet, watch the fat everywhere—including on your belly––melt away. 

4. Reduce Your Stress

Cortisol is the stress hormone, and studies have shown a link between elevated cortisol and weigh gain. Focus on de-stressing your lifestyle, participate in stress reduction techniques, and get enough sleep. 

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