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An Overlooked Health Hack

Health Hack
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In the age of so-called “bio-hacking”, it is amazing that this one health hack is not more popular. 

We live in an age of bio-hacking. Bio-hacking is simply the science and strategy of optimizing your health. The term comes from the idea of a computer hacker, who can manipulate code to increase functionality in a system that serves their own ends. In this analogy though, our body is the “computer”, and as bio-hackers, our goal is to optimize our body’s functioning. 

This idea of bio-hacking has facilitated the development of all kinds of gadgets designed to make us healthier (think, smart watches/step counters), or that help train our bodies to be healthier. It has also facilitated the development of new diets, ways of eating (i.e., intermittent fasting), and supplements that can supposedly alter our internal chemistry, thus optimizing our bodies for good health. 

In a way, bio-hacking seems like a new term for an age-old pursuit––living a lifestyle that facilitates good health. Except now, maybe there are more gadgets involved.

However, one of the simplest and perhaps most effective ways we can “hack” our health is rarely mentioned in this new era of pursuing health: Eliminating pathogenic yeasts from the body and reducing exposure to mold poisons is one of the easiest ways we can optimize our health. 

We all naturally have yeasts in our bodies––many of which are located in the gut––but there is evidence that when yeasts grow out of control, they can begin to cause health problems. When yeasts begin to overtake the naturally-occurring good bacteria inherent in the gut, this is known as dysbiosis. When these yeasts proliferate from the gut and spread elsewhere in the body, this is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. Having yeast overgrowth in the body is associated with a myriad of symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose. 

Furthermore, the poisons that fungi make––known as mycotoxins––are noted in the medical literature as being capable of causing many kinds of illness, from superficial skin problems, to esoteric and rare health problems, all the way to diseases like cancer and diabetes. Even though these effects are well-documented in medical textbooks, the role of fungi and yeasts in our life and health rarely comes up in any discussions on health, much less what we can do to mitigate these problems. 

Fortunately, there are simple hacks we can employ to minimize the effects of fungi, yeasts and their poisons in our life. Primarily, this can be achieved through The Kaufmann Diet. The Kaufmann Diet is essentially designed to starve pathogenic yeasts and fungi in the body by eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates––which are fungi’s food of choice. Furthermore, the Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods that are known to be contaminated with many mycotoxins, such as grains and corn. 

The Kaufmann Diet is a time-tested, simple and elegant health hack that is known to have positive health benefits. Often times, people who have experienced symptoms for years find relief after a few weeks of the Kaufmann Diet. So before employing gadgets or other seemingly clever bio-hacks, simply try changing your diet to address a potential, underlying problem with yeasts and/or their poisons. 

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