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Orange Is The New Green: Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice
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Forget Green Juice: Carrot Juice Is A Kaufmann Diet Necessity

Green juice is synonymous with health, and for good reason; green juice is often made by extracting the juice of a variety of really healthy vegetables, resulting in a juice that is green in color and packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

On The Kaufmann Diet, juicing fresh vegetables and the limited variety of fruits that are permitted on the Kaufmann Diet is encouraged. Juicing is a good way to extract lots of nutrition from these foods and put it in a convenient, easy to consume beverage. Other than water, freshly-squeezed juice is one of the only beverages permitted on The Kaufmann Diet. 

Pre-made juices like you will find in a store are almost always discouraged. Often, these are loaded with sugar, or made with foods not permitted on The Kaufmann Diet. You should even tread carefully with pre-made juice sold in stores that are made with permitted ingredients. Often, you do not know how long they have sat on a shelf, and the inherent nutrition may have suffered as a result. 

It is simply best to make your own, fresh juice on The Kaufmann Diet. And one type of juice is heavily encouraged: Carrot juice. 

Carrots are remarkably good for juicing as they extract well in a juicer, yielding quite a bit of juice per carrot. Carrots are loaded with nutrition, including beta carotene and a variety of other carotenoids. There is one nutrient, however, that stands out as being excellent for The Kaufmann Diet, which is the potently anti-fungal nutrient, falcarinol. Carrot juice packs a potent anti-fungal punch in addition to being highly nutritious. 

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One concern about carrot juice that often gets raised is that juicing carrots also concentrates the naturally-occurring sugar in carrots. This is true of any juice that you might make, not just carrots. However, the anti-fungal properties inherent in carrot juice make any concerns about sugar––and that sugar’s potential to make an existing fungal problem worse––moot. Carrot juice is encouraged for those using The Kaufmann Diet to fight pathogenic fungal problems. 

Carrot juice is easily made with an at-home juicer and is great by itself, but you can easily toss in other fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Some delicious additions to carrot juice are green apple and ginger. Adding in some greens, like kale and parsley, will only serve to make your juice more nutritionally dense. It is best to drink fresh juice right after it is made.

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