5 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy, Balanced Diet




We’ve all been there; you’re a day and a half into your diet, and the cravings set in. Or you forgot to eat breakfast, and by lunch you’re ravenous. Or stress kicks in and you just need that comfort food you’ve always turned to. Whatever the scenario is, you cave.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is one of the toughest obstacles for anyone trying to change the way they eat. Habits are tough to break and just as tough to form, and in the beginning, hunger and craving usually beat smart choices when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Don’t worry. No one is perfect; don’t let the frustration of breaking your diet deter you from pressing on. You are often fighting against years of ingrained training when it comes to the decisions about what you eat; changing that takes time.

Also, many people often try to start a diet with a few days or even a week of a pretty draconian cleanse. When coming off of months or even years of poor eating habits, this can prove to be an exercise in futility for all but the most dedicated. Sometimes, Doug may encourage juice fasting or may suggest certain cleanses that limit food intake. However, these take an enormous amount of dedication, focus and fortitude. Instead of starting with a juice fast, or any sort of cleanse that may drive you to binge on your favorite food, transition first into the Kaufmann 1 way of eating. And, to help ease that transition, plan ahead. Here are a few suggestions for doing that.

1. Clear your house of tempting foods. Get rid of anything that might allow you to cheat at home.

2. Plan your meals for the week in advance. Shop to make sure you have the ingredients necessary to cook what you plan for.

3. Keep Kaufmann 1 snack food available and visible. Some examples are mixed nuts, sliced green apples, grapefruit, baby carrots, individual, plain yogurts, cooked slices of chicken, or any sort of meat.

4. Carry Kaufmann 1 snack food with you. If you know you’re going to be away from your house all day, make a small lunchbox full of Kaufmann 1-friendly food. At least initially, it is good to avoid restaurants, as it can be difficult to find things appropriate for your diet.

5. Try to maintain an eating schedule that doesn’t leave too long between meals. This has become a cornerstone of wisdom for healthy living. Getting too hungry clouds your judgement; conversely, eating smaller meals regularly encourages a healthy metabolism.



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