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To the extent that Dr. Oz and I each have a TV show, we share a commonality. We both remain on TV as long as we can pay for that privilege, or until our message is exhausted. Let me go on record as saying that I like Dr. Oz’s message because for the past 20 years ,I have worked within the media and I’ve felt so absolutely alone. Finally, a physician that endorses much of what I have been saying has come along and some of the pressures I have felt have been released. There is a distinct difference, however, in how we do what we do on TV.

I pay to play. Each month I pay for distributing my TV show throughout America. Thanks to all of you in my audience who use the products that my sponsors promote, these wonderful, hand picked sponsors continue to pay advertising fees to Know The Cause, and I stay on the air. I have great incentive, therefore to bring you the best of the best health products. I never take one red cent of “per unit sold” money, although I have been offered this arrangement by nutrition companies dozens of times. Likewise I do not join nutritional multi level marketing (MLM) plans. Because you have made me popular, today it would be quite easy for me to sign up on the top rung of any number of MLM nutrition plans, and make a lot of money, but at what cost? My credibility! If you discovered that I was pushing certain inferior health products, only because I financially profited from them, you’d begin to question my credibility, wouldn’t you? I have wonderful friends in my audience who have taught me that loyalty is earned. I deeply appreciate that lesson.

Dr. Oz, on the other hand, is paid to play. He likely draws a multi-million dollar salary from someone. That “someone” must make much more money for himself or herself than they pay him. This is what the “profit and loss” business statement is all about, so I understand that. His model is simply different than mine. He must sell what those running the show tell him to sell. Therein lie his current problems with credibility at the hospital he works at. The people love him, but the doctors don’t. They call him a “quack.” Trust me, I am very familiar with that word. I believe that if you filter out the word “quackery,” the remaining portion becomes “jealousy.”

Because he promotes nutrition and lifestyle changes, I love this guy! Large nutrition companies love him too, because whether he promotes a weight loss program or an herb that helps with sleep, you can bet that he generates a lot of sales-thereby satisfying and completing the cycle of business, which he and his partners know quite well. I may not always agree with what he says, but I love Dr. Oz on TV!





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