4 Tips to Finding Your Exercise




We all know that we should be exercising, but most people do not exercise on any sort of regular basis. There are any number of excuses for living a sedentary lifestyle; many claim they either do not have time or the ability. Regardless, research continues to prove that exercise is a critical part of achieving and maintaining good health.


For most people, beginning an exercise routine is the most difficult part. And for many of those, simply finding something they enjoy doing is even harder. Ultimately, starting and sticking to an exercise regimen is much easier if you enjoy yourself while participating


Meet Yourself Where You Are  

The kind of exercise you participate in should be contingent on where you physical ability is at. If you are overweight, you should not begin an exercise regimen with sprints. If you have never lifted weights, you should not start off by dead-lifting. If you have damaged joints or prior injuries, picking an exercise that puts less stress on your bones an joints may be optimal. 


It is important to start slow, and increase your level of exertion as you become more physically fit. Everyone walks before they crawl. Starting slowly helps prevent injury.


Seek Guidance

For many, seeking guidance means seeking your doctor or other licensed healthcare professional’s advice on what level of physical exertion you can reasonably start at. 




For others, it is seeking the advice of a certified personal trainer. It is important to remember that with any type of physical exercise, learning proper form is key to preventing injuries. Learning from experienced professionals is a good way to protect yourself in the long run. 


Where Do You Live? 

People who live in a desert likely will not take up rowing, and people who live in cold areas might averse to going for a jog in the middle of winter. What sort of outdoor amenities are there where you live? 


Exercise can be as simple as a walk or jog through a neighborhood, a hike up a mountain or chopping wood for the fireplace. For some, outdoor conditions may make indoor exercise necessary. 


Do You Like It?

Often, people do not exercise because they simply do not like going to a gym. Exercise should be about finding an activity that you enjoy doing. When you were a kid, they called in playing, not exercise, which is something we should all learn from.


Regardless of what you find that you enjoy doing––whether it is walking, hiking, riding a bike, lifting weights or going to an aerobics class––finding your exercise is as important to good health as what you eat, so get moving!



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